Fear is not only an asset and an ally. But one of the greatest experiences you’ll have in your lifetime.
“Sometimes we humans need a gentle shift to continue our journey in the right direction that supports our growth…ending the unwinnable war with Fear and making friends with it instead, can be one of those shifts.”
~Kristen Ulmer, THE ART OF FEAR

Kristen is thought leader, facilitator and fear specialist who radically challenges existing norms around the subject of this deeply misunderstood emotion. Starting out as a mogul specialist on the US Ski team, Kristen more notoriously became recognized as being the best female big mountain extreme skier in the world, a status she kept for 12 years. Known for enormous cliff jumps and you-fall-you die descents, she became sponsored by the likes of Red Bull, Ralph Lauren, and Nikon. Her mastery of other danger sports including paragliding, ice and rock climbing, kiteboarding, adventure mountain biking, and flying trapeze also gained her the outdoor industry vote as most extreme woman athlete in North America, beating all danger-sports stars, not just skiers.

Retired as an athlete since 2003, she then spent the next 14 years going to the next level –becoming a master facilitator, teaching on numerous subjects such as the mindset of optimal sports performance, flow states, whole mind thinking, how to embrace change, emotional intelligence and more. She developed a highly effective teaching tool called Shift: The Game of 10,000 Wisdoms. This is a facilitated dialog which helps groups or individuals access the resources of their own minds to solve problems in a matter of hours that would otherwise take decades of therapy to achieve. Her revolutionary work has been featured in such media as NPR, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, USA Today, Outside Magazine, and many more.

Kristen’s transition to thought leader on Fear came in 2012, the day she realized that most of her client’s problems –such as underperforming, insomnia, excessive anxiety, depression, excessive anger, excessive fear, indecisiveness and more, were quickly and permanently resolved once she helped them address their avoidance of fear. Here are a few client testimonials capturing the power of this work:

  • Melanie Tanks

    This ain’t no band aid, this is the real deal

    Melanie Tanks
  • Mike Ginn

    My fear disappeared about three months ago. I have been public speaking without panic attacks and have experienced ease and spontaneous interaction with people I would have been intimidated by in the past. Also no constant free-floating anxiety in the background all the time. A great relief after 40 years of struggle. So, thank you.

    Mike Ginn
  • Sara Davidson

    I’ve gotten more out of (3) phone consults than a year of therapy.

    Sara Davidson

With results like these, she developed quite a following around the world. Although, Kristen admits; “Until about 3 years ago, I was kind of lazy. I did no marketing. Sure. I had a steady stream of clients and sold out events but also tried to work as little as possible, until one day I realized; how rude of me. I was sitting on a solution to much of human suffering, and it was time to write a book and start a movement.

To do that, she gathered thoughts and notes together. Then one night at 1 am, she recognized a big wig from Harper Collins standing across the room at a Halloween party. Seizing the opportunity, she walked right up and told him what she’d been teaching about fear.

Ten minutes later, combined with a 30-minute phone call the following month, she was offered a book contract to write: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead. It is very rare for an unpublished author to score a book contract without writing a book proposal, but this illustrates how needed and timely her message is.


The message being: Fear is not the problem in our lives, it’s our avoidance of fear that is the problem. If you become unwilling to feel or even acknowledge it, and put fear in the basement–a habit that is almost universally supported by society, that emotion will then start to sabotage your life in devastating ways that are either obvious or covert. This has gotten so rampant, in fact, that today almost every problem we have is now tied in some way to our avoidance of fear.

Taking fear out of the basement with caring and consideration, however, not only resolves these problems, but will allow us a chance to access whole mind thinking, where anything can become possible.

All this is covered in detail starting June 13, 2017, with the release of The Art of Fear. Meanwhile, Kristen is in preparation to support the books message through online workshops, talks, interviews, live facilitated events and more. The Art of Fear outlines a clear path to stop the cycle of repression and learn how to instead feel and experience fear in a healthy way. This new, revolutionary approach to fear is an alternative for those who, so far, have had limited success with other methods for dealing with their fear or anxiety based problems.