Congratulations On Completing
Your Fear and Anxiety Assessment

You Are: A Paradox

Congratulations On Completing
Your Fear and Anxiety Assessment

You are: A Resister

Here's What That Means

Because you experience problematic fear or anxiety which negatively affects your daily life and relationships, yet it’s not ruining your life, you are what I call: A Paradox.

This means you have a good enough relationship with fear that you’re willing to take risks (where there exists, fear), yet that emotion makes you feel not-so-great when taking those risks.

This occurs when you are both in flow with fear, and resist it at the same time.

Now, being in flow with fear is great news. The resistance however, is a problem. To better understand resistance, which leads to issues with fear / anxiety, watch my video titled: What is the cause of your chronic anxiety or irrational fear?

Then keep reading below for more information and insights.

Your Assessment

Fear is a part of everyday life. We all feel it. And if you want to do big things with your life, you feel it even more.

You can imagine then, how you deal with all that fear is a big deal.

My name is Kristen Ulmer. After being called ‘fearless’ during my Hall of Fame athletic career, which led to my exploring different approaches to fear and anxiety for over 33+ years now, here’s what I’ve learned:

As you gathered from the video, however your relationship is with fear, determines whether it helps or hinders you.

When living a paradox, on the one hand you’re in flow with fear and thus are willing to to step out of your comfort zone and take risks. While there, fear provides for you intuition, energy and sharp decision making, helping you bring your A-game to the task. When you embrace fear, it runs it’s course in 10-90 seconds and it’s not an awful feeling at all. It just feels like aliveness.

On the other hand, you simultaneously also resist fear. This bad habit causes emotional issues in your life that can often override the rest.

Issues can include: fear holding you back, making you less productive. Or frequent if not chronic low or even high-grade anxiety that undercuts many of your experiences. You may also struggle with depression, PTSD, panic attacks, anger issues, growing burnout, lack of motivation and much more.

Making it worse, when you have a paradox, you’re not that motivated to get help because these issues come and go. You can function well enough and have moments of joy, so why do anything about it?

As a result, anxiety levels can grow over time to negatively affect your physical health. Sleep issues eventually develop. You become stuck in your head all the time. But all of this seems manageable. It’s not too bad.

Resistance also affects the choices you make; you likely shrink your life as a way to avoid or limit situations that might trigger anxiety. I.e. You stop taking risks or socially withdraw. Or stay in a bad relationship longer than you should to avoid emotional upheaval. Or choose a career that’s in your comfort zone to maintain a greater sense of control over your fear/anxiety.

You also likely establish coping mechanisms to help your though your days or nights, that are ‘good enough.’

Alas, this mindset can keep you stuck in a cycle of feeling for-the-most-part lousy, only managing symptoms forever.

Tips + Steps You Can Take Now

First, bravo for being in flow with fear on some level. That’s rarer than you realize, and has contributed greatly to your success.

Your resistance on the other hand, leads to issues. For whatever you resist, persists. Fear that’s not in flow gets stuck in your system like water trapped behind a kinked hose, and recirculates round and round (this is anxiety).

It lands in specific places in your body (chest? forehead? throat? Everyone is different), moves right in and so long as you stay kinked, refuses to leave.

You’ve likely found great coping methods to deal with it, such as breathing exercises or goal-oriented meditation, massage, exercise, train your brain, ‘choosing’ positivity or gratitude and more. You may instead (or also) drink alcohol, smoke pot or take prescription medication to further quell your anxiety.

These seem like great ways to ‘deal with it.’  But actually, these are ways to: not deal with it. Drugs and alcohol temporarily medicate it away. Breathing exercises saturate your body with oxygen so you feel great, but fear is not like Co2. It only comes back stronger than before. Replacing fear with positive affirmations is actually made fun of in sitcoms. We know it doesn’t work.

Yet it’s all still taught, because we don’t know what else to do. And at least these things buy us a moment or day of relief. However, they can become crutches: I know some people who meditate 2 hours a day just to function. And end result is: your fear/anxiety becomes something to manage full time.

You may also choose a career that doesn’t aggravate or make it grow. Or a partner who won’t provoke it. You may distract yourself from it by staying super busy, or working out constantly, or eating a ton of food.

You also may live in your head all the time as a way to not deal with the anxious feeling in your body.

Given all this, my first tips are:

  1. Stop the insanity of trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results. It’s time to decide whether your ‘good enough’ methods to feel better are worth re-thinking.
  2. If they are, it’s time to take steps to un-kink that hose and get in flow with fear all the time, not just some of the time, as a way to end your anxiety issues for good.

Here’s how to pull this off. They are my 5 steps to freedom:

  1. Ask yourself great questions, as a way to unpack your bad habits or patterns re. fear. Only once you can see it, can you address it properly.
  2. Change your language –how you talk about fear and other emotions is very important!
  3. Get out of your head –stop dealing with your fear intellectually.
  4. Get into your body –start dealing with your fear emotionally.
  5. Start a few-minutes-a-day practice to cultivate all this.

Now, this does require effort. But make no mistake, it’s a heck of a lot less effort than what you’ve been doing.

Plus, I’ve seen it happen again and again; do this and the war ends. Peace ensues. Like an upset child that finally gets your undivided love and attention, your fear /anxiety calms right down.

Keep it up, your fear transforms beautifully into, and remains only, the asset and ally it was meant to be.

Stop Mere Symptom Control and Completely Re-Boot

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Then, it teaches you a new, few-minutes-a-day practice, that results in extraordinary emotional changes in your life.

The info in this manual is based on my 33+ years of real life experience, including being best in the world at a terrifying sport and maintaining that for an astonishing 12 years, while exploring exactly what works and what doesn’t regarding fear. It challenges existing norms regarding how to deal with anxiety, addressing cultural habits and methods that have been steering us wrong for too long. It offers exact steps on what to do instead to experience ongoing healthy emotional flow.

And, it works. In the words of but one client:

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