Congratulations on Completing the Fear and Anxiety Assessment

Your Score is: 11465 out of 100.


Your overall score is 11465. This lower score suggests you have an unusually healthy relationship with fear and anxiety. Not many people do so congratulations! As a result, you are feeling normal levels of anxiety and fear in your life, in proportion to the choices you have made. The only question is then, do you want to make your relationship with fear even more progressive, by tapping into the resource that is this powerful emotion, as a way to go to your next level of accomplishment?


You have a healthy relationship with Fear. You enjoy excitement, life in general and seek out adventure. You like expanding who you are and will continue to grow and learn new things throughout your entire life. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. You enjoy challenge. You see conflict as a chance to grow, and failure as a chance to learn new fascinating things about yourself and how life works. The arguments you have with your loved ones lead to greater intimacy at the end of every conflict cycle. You may be happy one day and sad the next and that’s fine. Your health is good, nothing to complain about. If you do have an injury, disease or other physical hold back, you’ve certainly done some emotional work around the ailment to make sure that the repression of feelings doesn’t exacerbate it. Sometimes you don’t sleep well but you know things change so fast, it’s likely just temporary, so it’s no big deal.


  • The key for you, is to take risks any time you’re ready to go to the next level. Ask yourself then, am I in the mood for fear right now? Ask yourself this every day, and the days you answer yes, go out and do something that scares you.
  • It doesn’t have to mean climbing the Eiffel tower using a couple of suction cups! It could just mean having that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off. Skiing a little faster this run. Wearing something that is totally not “you” just to see how it feels.
  • You may be drawn to perhaps a gratitude practice, forgiveness practice, or mindfulness practice. All good stuff.  This is called building the castle. Be sure though, not to forget about the foundation, which should be a constant maintenance priority.
  • Maintaining a strong foundation is called ongoing shadow work. It’s the important, consistent exploration of “what is my relationship with the negative part of life?” And “what dark shadow am I casting that everyone can see, that I can’t see, that if owned would set both me and the world free?”
  • You may already know this, but if you deny shadow work, in favor of only building the castle, the castle for which you spend all your resources (time, effort, money), when bad things happen, can collapse. So please, continue to be aware of and work on your shadow.
  • Shadow work centers around fear. Beneath jealousy is fear. Beneath anger is fear. Unworthiness, powerlessness, self-loathing, frustration, and more, are all down there and can pop up anytime things aren’t perfect. Within these states, always you’ll find fear. Which is why I recommend a fear practice, as your shadow practice. This is the foundation on which you can build a strong castle that can never collapse.
  • Find a way then, to continue cultivating an ongoing, honest, inclusive, considerate relationship with fear, and you will have the same with yourself. Do this, have a fear practice long before your next crisis, and your foundation will only become stronger every day. This will translate into greater strength, laser focus, integrity, better relationships, better sleep, greater productivity, more confidence, clarity to make great decisions, authenticity and more. You will also remain willing to take risks, all which leads to growth and learning.
  • Don’t forget, that fear is beneath your relative reality at all times, always affecting your life. Stay aware of its presence, and you will negate its shadow and instead tap into its percolating energy, wisdom and aliveness any time you like.

Looking For More Help:

I work with a lot of people for a lot of different reasons. The majority of my clients are people who are in crisis, which is not you. But, I also have the great honor to work with people who are curious about what wants to happen next, who also want it to happen faster. If this sounds like you, read on.

But first, let me interrupt to say: likely you have a friend or family member who struggles with chronic anxiety or irrational fear. If you feel inspired, please suggest they watch this free video titled: What is the cause of chronic anxiety or irrational fear? You can also help them by recommending my new book: The Art of Fear: Why Conquering Fear Won’t Work and What to Do Instead, or one of several courses listed below. Imagine how you’ll feel knowing you helped them address and resolve the cause of their problems, when they thought they’d have to suffer their whole lives.

As for you, I do recommend the book too– if you want to know more about tapping into the wisdom and aliveness found in fear. I also recommend starting your new fear practice, in the privacy of your own home with my online course called Freedom From Chronic Fear and Anxiety.

The title of this course probably doesn’t appeal to you. I named it to appeal to folks, like your loved ones, who are in crisis regarding fear and anxiety. This incredible resource is designed to help them permanently resolve any irrational fear, chronic anxiety, or other related problem that shows up in their lives.

I could have also titled this course though; “Fear Practice For Bad Asses” It’s designed to most of all, peak your curiosity, and doesn’t give advice so much as it helps you become more and more clear about the role fear plays in your everyday life, and how to tap into it’s incredible wisdom and energy. If this sounds appealing to you, by all means start the course. It’s something I personally practice every day, and it keeps me in flow with all my emotions in a profound and gorgeous way.

I also offer:

  • live in-person events (an amazing, live group experience with other driven people)
  • live webinars (fantastic option if you have limited time to travel)
  • private sessions for you alone, one-on-one, or for your group (more expensive but deeply personal)

All these options are geared to helping you address and bring to the surface for your consideration, any shadow that is following you around and has the potential to mess up your life. They help you shine light upon your darkness until it isn’t dark anymore at all. Together we can unlock your greatest potential, with fear at your side as one of the most significant assets and allies you have to be amazing.

Click on the link below to see all options.

Working with me is the ultimate exploration in shadow practice. You will find it utterly fascinating, and it will make you into even more of a bad ass. All this, or you get your money back.

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