Congratulations on Completing the Fear and Anxiety Assessment

Your Score is: 14772 out of 100.


Your overall score is 14772. This very high score suggests you experience high levels of problematic anxiety or even panic frequently, negatively affecting your daily life and relationships. To help you understand what the problem is, watch this free video titled: What is the cause of chronic anxiety or irrational fear? Then keep reading below for more information and insights.


At this level, everyone is slightly different, but you are some medley of depressed, exhausted, unmotivated, strung out, enraged or burnt out. Things that may have given you pleasure before no longer do. Anxiety, stress, physical tension and aches and pains (which if they have haven’t yet started, will soon) are likely your norm. You may even have panic attacks or PTSD. You get sick easily. You are either unwilling to take much risk because everything seems so scary, or you still take risks but are overwhelmed all the time. You are excessively controlling over yourself and other people in your life, or on the other hand you may have simply given up. You do have a breaking point though, where you explode with anger, or you cry a lot (it’s usually one or the other). You feel stuck in your head and irrational but don’t know what to do about it and it’s getting to be more of a problem every year. You feel like insanity is but a breath away. You don’t sleep well and your mind tends to race a lot at night, which makes all this even worse.


  • It’s important that you get help, from somebody. There simply is no reason to feel this way, especially in today’s world when there are new and effective resources available.
  • It may seem like the only resources are medication, but that’s not true. There are other options such as psychological therapy, breathing exercises, positive self-talk, meditation, tapping, float tanks and more to help you calm down. Most of these methods work great in the short term to make you feel better. Other methods such as cognitive behavior therapy, neurofeedback or laser / light therapy will also help you to feel more calm. All these things are effective in that they can take you from miserable to functional, by quelling the symptoms of chronic anxiety or irrational fear. But if you notice, none offer and explanation of what’s wrong.
  • Which is why I recommend as your next step, that you address the underlying cause this time, so you don’t have to keep managing symptoms your whole life, or resort to science to fix an emotional problem.
  • The cause is not the great mystery you may think it is. Watch this free video to find out more, if you haven’t watched it already. The cause is your continued resistance to fear, and your attempts to use your intellect to understand and control this emotion.
  • The key to permanently ending the cause, is for you to stop trying to understand your fear- which is time consuming, relentless and because it changes so often, ultimately impossible. The other key is to stop trying to conquer, overcome or control your fear- which offers short term relief but will alas, only create for you greater problems over time. Get this at your core: the cause of chronic anxiety or irrational fear is this: in trying to control fear, whatever you try to control winds up controlling you. Whatever you fight, will fight you back, and certainly in the case of fear will win every time.
  • Instead you must find a way to feel your fear, which exists in your body and not your mind, and learn how to have an honest, and curious relationship with it.
  • The ultimate goal is for you to end the unwinnable war with fear, and make friends with it instead.
  • You do this by first recognizing that fear and anxiety is a normal and natural part of your human experience. You WILL feel these feelings.
  • Second, recognize that it’s your resistance to it, which has become the bigger problem than the feelings of fear/ anxiety itself.
  • Learn how to stop resisting it and your problems will resolve.
  • I can help you do this, and end your problem, so you don’t have to spend the rest of your life managing your symptoms. If you don’t seek my help though, please find someone who won’t offer methods that allow you to get by, only for another day. Methods that stop working the second you stop the method. Also avoid any practice that seeks to use your intellect to fix an emotional problem. The key is to find a resource that can help you deal with your emotional problem, emotionally.
  • Look for someone then, if not me, who offers an embodied learning experience. Most talk therapists do not offer this, so be sure to ask. If they don’t know what this means then they don’t offer it. Find if you can, an emotional therapist who will help you access and feel your emotions, in an honest way. These types of therapists are difficult, but not impossible, to find.

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