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Your overall score is 0 out of 100. This mid to low score suggests that while you have a better relationship with fear than 90% of your fellow humans (hurrah!), you still have a few stuck places that hold you back.

Where You Currently Are:

You have some fear that feels a bit irrational, or a bit of chronic low-grade anxiety. But, it’s not too bad. You’re a bit cautious and pick your moments to take risks. You feel enjoyment with life but know there could be more, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it -right? You may question whether you’re achieving your potential, and the curiosity of ‘should I be doing more?’ may nag in the back of your head. Your personal relationships are ok, could be better, but you may not make much effort to improve them. Your health is pretty good, but you know you could be healthier. If you have an injury that won’t heal, or a disease, you know there is a small emotional component to it that is exacerbating the problem. Things though, are moving along nicely in your life, but there’s still a sense of “is this all there is?” or “is this really the best I can do?” You sleep pretty well, but would like to sleep more, if possible.

Tips + Steps You Can Take Now:

  • Consider, seems how you found yourself curious enough about your relationship with fear to take this quiz, starting what I call a fear practice.
  • Here’s why: there are lots of practices out there; gratitude practice, forgiveness practice, mindfulness practices and more. All good stuff. All great for building your castle. But with a fear practice, fear being at the core of your human experience, you will have a strong, certain foundation by which to support these other noble efforts– without them collapsing like castles tend to do, on days that are challenging.
  • One of the best things you can do to expand who you are then, is work on and become more aware of yourself and your habits, while you’re doing great. For example, read a book on relationships when your marriage is strong. Work with a business consultant when business is already good. That kind of action will take your life and your potential to the next level- because you’d be doing the work not while in crisis –when fear or anxiety is rampant—merely as a way to get out of a hole. Instead you’d be doing it from a stable place, with the intention to become more clear, solid and strong, and rise to the next level.
  • Ask yourself then, are you willing to do such things? Do you care enough about going all the way with your life that you would have an awareness practice when not in crisis?
  • Note this can change day to day. Sometimes we’d just rather be complacent and live, and are not in the mood to become more aware, or certainly do shadow work. But the next day you may feel inspired to ask- ok, what next?
  • If you are willing to go for it, having a fear practice is one of the most gorgeous practices you can have. Why is that? Because whatever you won’t look at, is always the key to freedom.
  • Having a fear practice is about the exploration of “what is my relationship with the negative part of life, the part that I typically avoid or ignore?” And “what dark shadow am I casting that everyone can see, that I can’t, that if owned would set both me and the world free?”
  • Shadow work always centers around fear. Beneath jealousy is fear. Beneath anger is fear. Unworthiness, powerlessness, self-loathing, frustration, and more, beneath all dark states always you’ll find fear. The question is then, that you should be asking whenever you feel stuck or ready to learn something new is: what is my current relationship with fear? Am I fighting it, and thus fighting a natural, normal part of life? Do I resist it?  Am I storing repressed fear in an unhealthy way in my body?
  • Do this, and you’ll notice your stuck places right away. To see it, is to stop it. You’ll also set in motion the cultivation of a more honest, inclusive, considerate relationship with fear, and thus with yourself. Your relationship with fear, actually, is the most important relationship of your life, because it’s the relationship you have with your core self.
  • Do this, have a fear practice long before you’re in crisis, and your foundation will become very strong. This will translate into better relationships with others, better sleep, more productivity, more confidence, clarity to make great decisions, greater authenticity and more. You will also become more willing to take risks, which leads to growth and learning. Your castle will be built upon a place of integrity and honesty, and thus ready to handle anything.

*Note: this assessment is not medically supported or science based. It comes from Kristen’s experience working with thousands of clients. This Web site and assessment is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, medical or other professional services. If legal or medical advice or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought.

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