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Your overall score is 60.  This score suggests that irrational fear or chronic anxiety is a problem in your life- this free video titled: What is the cause of your chronic anxiety or irrational fear? explains why. Your score also suggests that this is not so much of a problem in your life, that you have certainly done something about it, so be sure to read on.


Your approach to fear and anxiety likely causes some problems in your life. You feel held back by fear and anxiety, and often it seems irrational and uncalled for. You see fear as a hindrance and something to fight, control or get rid of. You likely feel frequent if not chronic low-grade anxiety and stress, though it may come and go. You can still function well and have moments of joy, but they are not your norm. You think avoidance of anything fearful or stressful will make you feel it less — so you may take fewer risks than you’d like or have modified your life in other ways. When you do take risks, the risk is approached in a gradual way so as not to take you too far out of your comfort zone. You may stay in bad relationships longer than you should, or in a career that doesn’t make your heart sing, because of fear of the unknown. Sleep is a problem for you, but it’s not too bad, yet.


  • I’ve found that people won’t change unless they have to. So, ask yourself this: is fear and anxiety a big enough problem for me, that I’m willing to do some work to change my pattern around it?
  • If the answer is yes, next ask: ok, how much effort am I willing to put into this, in order to feel better?
  • These questions are important, because if you aren’t crippled by fear and anxiety, you may stay stuck in your pattern for decades, until you ultimately believe it’s fine to feel this way: which is not great, but not too bad either.
  • If you say ok, I’m willing to do some work to feel better, then picking the right action is the next step.
  • There are many methods, offering you steps on how reduce your fear or anxiety. They include breathing exercises, meditation, talk therapy, tapping, moving your body, positive thinking, rationalizing away your anxiety, cognitive behavior therapy and more. These all work great to help you manage the symptoms of your chronic anxiety or irrational fear.
  • To address and resolve the underlying cause though, you must take different action.
  • If you want to address the cause, the key is to stop talking, thinking about or trying to understand your fear- which is time consuming, relentless and because it changes so often and is a moving target, impossible. Remember this: emotional problems need to be dealt with emotionally, not intellectually.
  • The other key is to avoid tips on how to control your fear- which will only cause you greater problems with it. For whatever you try to control, over time merely goes covert, and winds up controlling you.
  • Instead you must find a way to feel your fear, which exists in your body, and learn how to have an honest relationship with it.
  • The ultimate goal is for you to stop the cycle of ongoing mini battles with fear, and instead, permenently end the war with it.
  • You do this by first recognizing that fear and anxiety is a normal and natural part of your human experience.
  • Second, recognize that it’s your resistance to it (aka your war against it) that has become the bigger problem than the fear or anxiety itself.
  • Learn how to stop resisting it and your problems will resolve.

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