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Your overall score is 60. This score suggests you experience problematic anxiety and panic experiences frequently, negatively affecting your daily life and relationships. To help you understand what the problem is, watch this free video titled: What is the cause of chronic anxiety or irrational fear? then keep reading below for more information and insights.


You are likely some medley of either depressed, tired, unmotivated, stuck, or burnt out. Things that have given you pleasure before no longer do. Anxiety, stress, physical tension and aches and pains are likely your norm. You may even have panic attacks or PTSD. You get sick easily. Everything feels overwhelming or scary to you and you are unwilling to take much risk. You are excessively controlling over yourself and over other people in your life, or on the other hand you may have given up. You do have a breaking point though, where you explode with anger, or you cry a lot. You feel stuck and irrational but don’t know what to do about it and it’s getting to be more of a problem every year. You feel like insanity is but a breath away. You probably don’t sleep well and your mind tends to race a lot at night.


  • It’s important that you get help from somebody. There simply is no reason to feel this way, especially in today’s world when there are new and ever changing resources available.
  • It may seem like the only resources are medication, but that’s not true. There are methods such as psychological therapy, meditation, tapping, cognitive behavior therapy, and more to choose from. These help quell the symptoms of chronic anxiety or irrational fear.
  • If however, you’re not drawn to these methods, or if you’ve tried them and didn’t get you the results you desire, I am also available to help you by instead addressing the cause of your problems, which is not the great mystery you may think it is.
  • If you don’t seek my help, please find someone else who won’t just offer methods to make you feel better only for an hour, or that day. Or something that allows you to merely “get by,” that stops working the second you stop the method. The key is to find a resource that can permanently address the cause of these problems- the cause being your hatred toward fear and your attempts to resist or control it.
  • Look for someone then, who offers an embodied experience (most talk therapists do not offer this, so be sure to ask), or an emotional therapist who will help you access and feel your emotions, in an honest way. These types of therapists are hard, but not impossible, to find.
  • The key is for you to not spend any more time trying to understand your fear- which is time consuming, relentless and because it changes so often, impossible. The other key is to avoid more tips on how to control your fear- which will only cause you greater problems over time. Get this at your core: the problem you are experiencing is this: you are trying to control fear, and whatever you try to control, winds up controlling you.
  • Instead you must find a way to feel your fear, which exists in your body, and learn how to have an honest relationship with it.
  • The ultimate goal is for you to end the unwinnable war with fear, and make friends with it instead. You do this by first recognizing that fear and anxiety is a normal and natural part of your human experience.
  • Second, recognize that it’s your resistance to it, that has become the bigger problem than the fear or anxiety itself.
  • Learn how to stop resisting it and your problems will resolve.

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