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Your Score is: 60


Your overall score is 60. This score suggests you have an unusually healthy relationship with fear and anxiety. Not many people do. The only question is then, do you want to make it even more progressive, and tap into the resource that is fear, as a way to go to your next level of accomplishment?


You have a healthy relationship with Fear. You enjoy excitement, life in general and seek out adventure. You like expanding who you are and will continue to grow and learn new things throughout your entire life. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. You enjoy challenge. You see conflict as a chance to grow, and failure as a chance to learn new fascinating things about yourself and how life works. The arguments you have with your loved ones lead to greater intimacy at the end of every conflict cycle. You may be happy one day and sad the next and that’s fine. Sometimes you don’t sleep well but you know things change so fast, it’s likely just temporary, and so it’s no big deal.


  • The key with you, is to take risks, any time you’re ready to go to the next level. Ask yourself then, do I feel like I’m in the mood for fear right now? Ask yourself this every day, and the days you answer yes, go out and do something that scares you.
  • It doesn’t have to mean climbing the Eiffel tower using a couple of suction cups! It could just mean having that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off. Skiing a little faster this time. Wearing something that is totally not “you” just to see how it feels.
  • You may be drawn to perhaps a gratitude practice, forgiveness practice, or mindfulness practice. All good stuff.  This is called building the castle. Be sure though, to not to forget about the foundation, which should be a constant maintenance priority.
  • Maintaining a strong foundation is called ongoing shadow work. It is the important, consistent exploration of “what is my relationship with the negative part of life?”
  • You may already know this, but if you deny shadow work, in favor of only building the castle, the castle for which you spend all your resources (time, effort, money), when bad things happen it can collapse unless and until you continue to be aware of and work on your shadow.
  • Shadow work centers around fear. Beneath jealousy is fear. Beneath anger is fear. Unworthiness, powerlessness, self-loathing, frustration, and more, are all down there and can pop up anytime things aren’t just perfect. Within these states, always you’ll find fear. Which is why I recommend a fear practice, as your shadow practice. This is the foundation on which you can build a strong, un-collapsible castle.
  • Find a way then, to continue to cultivate an ongoing, honest, inclusive, considerate relationship with fear, and you will have an ongoing honest, inclusive and considerate relationship with yourself. Your foundation will be strong, which will translate into better and better relationships with others, better sleep, better productivity, and you will continue to be willing to take risks, which leads to continued growth and learning.
  • Don’t forget, even when things on the surface are going great, that fear is beneath your relative reality at all times, always affecting your life. Stay aware of its presence, and make you relationship with this energy resource a conscious relationship, and you will negate it’s shadow and instead tap into its wisdom and aliveness any time you like.

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