At Home Course

Finally Free with Kristen Ulmer

“There is in nothing in my history to prepare me for the experiences I have with this work. I think this defies metrics. Everything in my long ago education says it should not work but it damn well does work. Beautifully.” -Jacquetta Wier

Do you feel frustrated that you seemingly don’t have resources available besides talk therapy or methods which lesson your symptoms only? You may be worried you’re going to feel this way forever, and have to limit what you do with your life in order just to survive.

Not anymore. Welcome to the at-home courses which address your problems in an entirely new way. You will not have to work like a dog just to lesson your symptoms after this. The course or courses you choose will show you in clear, simple terms, why you have this problem in your life. You’ve just gotten in a bad habit about how you deal with fear- is all. It will also show you practical steps how to finally, easefully and permanently resolve these problems. By the end of the course it will all seem so obvious to you, you’ll be amazed you’ve never thought of it before.

What are the courses like? Kristen’s book The Art of Fear casts a wide and shallow net into recognizing and dealing with the problems that come from avoiding fear. These courses are your deeper resource, designed to take you on a pin-point route into, through and out the other side of your specific problem or problems.

Take the time to do this at-home course in private, on your own time. Once you’re done, we promise you with a money back guarantee, that whatever cement you’ve been encased in, will finally be gone.

Course Advice

At this time we have Freedom From Fear of Failure available.

These courses are so new, they are still in the process of being created, so thanks for your patience.

Given this, here’s what we suggest. If fear of failure is something you struggle with, by all means buy the course and get started right away. However, if you ALSO struggle with chronic anxiety, once you buy one course, you can buy another course down the road for $20.

The other good news is: each course has two parts to it; 1. the foundation and 2. The course-specific add on. The foundation is the same experience, and the add ons are each very different- and very targeted. That means by the time a new course becomes available, you’ll have already completed part 1 toward solving your problem, and can focus exclusively on part 2.

Course Description

The part 1. foundation course is a series of videos, summaries and worksheets. This foundation series is the same in every course. It introduces you to Kristen’s facilitation tool called Shift, the Game of 10,000 Wisdoms. Plan to gleam considerable and fascinating insights from this part of your course. And note, it is not one size fits all. Everyone being different, with this game your unique problem will become more and more revealed to you with each new video and worksheet. Plan to have a lot of fun with this. The other bonus is, you can go back again and again to this foundation series anytime you feel stuck again, for any reason.

All part 2. add ons must come after you have experienced the foundation series, or else they will not make sense to you. Here’s where we hone in on the minute details of your unique challenge. Again, it will be fascinating, fun, and extremely insightful. Then, by the end of this series, if you take all the steps and advice offered, expect your life to be profoundly and permanently different.

The foundation course should take you about 8 hours to complete. Each add on will take a few more hours to complete and will outline a 30-day practice, which should take you no more than a few minutes a day. Past the 30 days, you will also have this practice to fall back on, anytime you desire or need a reminder.

Money Back Guarantee

30 day money back guarantee. If you experienced the course in full and it doesn’t offer you all it promised and more, write and tell us about your experience. You will get a full refund.