Private Sessions With Kristen

Resolve Your Fear or Anxiety Issue and Be a Badass

Private Sessions With Kristen

Resolve Your Fear or Anxiety Issue and Be a Badass

Session Details

You and Kristen, One on One

Do you struggle with an emotional or other issue that just won’t go away, and you’d like help with this?

Are you truly ready to get out of the frustrating cycle of only managing it for years, in favor of a lasting solution?

If yes, working privately with Kristen is a great option.

What she recommends is a one month program to troubleshoot any single emotional issue, no matter what or how ingrained it is. At the end of the month, plan to feel unstuck from this issue, armed with a clear step by step practice to keep you living in that place of freedom.

Now, that may sound impossible, but keep reading. This powerful month can be experienced over the phone (most typical) with 4, weekly 90+-minute sessions, or as one, full-day in-person adventure, either combined with follow up care.

Note: She also offers one month programs titled, “Learn How to Be a Bad Ass, From a Bad Ass.” They’re not written about on this page, so write us for details.

Is this what you’re looking for?

This experience is perfect for you, if any one of the following applies:

  • you know yourself –online or group events are not your thing

  • you need accountability

  • you want a confidential, discrete experience

  • you want to target a specific issue, that might not be addressed during a group event

  • you want personalized attention

  • you don’t want to wait any longer to get started

  • you’re truly ready to address a deeper issue, that usually proves elusive

Any one of these can be targeted and addressed during your time with Kristen, no matter how ingrained. This is what she does best, and it works. Remember: you’ve read about her work. This is unlike anything you’ve tried before, so keep reading for why it’s so quick.

Don’t wait another day. Get started now. There simply is no need to suffer any longer, with this unique, personal opportunity now available.

"There is in nothing in my history to prepare me for the experiences I have with this work. I think this defies metrics."
-Jacquetta Wier

Here is what you can address during your month with Kristen, which includes but isn’t limited to the following:

  • Anxiety issues

  • Irrational Fear

  • Something just feels off in your undercurrent

  • Under-performing

  • Burn Out

  • Anger issues

  • A physical issue that you suspect comes from emotional repression

  • Insomnia

  • Monkey Mind

  • Inability to feel/numbness

  • Overly Emotional

  • Indecisiveness on what to do next in your life

  • Panic Attacks

  • PTSD

  • Depression

Why This Works

Working with Kristen is not talk therapy

The seemingly unrelated problems mentioned above, if you look closer, all have one thing in common. They’re caused or deeply affected by how you deal (or don’t deal) with fear or other emotions.

If you don’t know how to deal with them in the proper way, these or other problems are the end result.

Conversely, if you learn how to deal with your emotions in the proper way –a way that’s perhaps the polar opposite of what you’ve been taught or learned how to do– these problems start to resolve.

Keep it up, the change is permanent.

As for why transformation happens so quickly; this isn’t talk therapy. You won’t be hashing over or trying to make sense of your past, which can keep you locked in a confusing and relentless process for years.

With this work, the only thing that matters is right now, seeing clearly whatever habit you’re in that caused the issue, and taking very targeted action steps to create a better habit.

In this, be surprised to learn that while the cause of your emotional issue may have appeared very complex and confusing prior to this work, it gets simplified here. As does the solution, which is personalized for you. It requires some effort, but it’s a productive effort, and proves much easier than what you’ve been doing.

Here's What You Learn

  • Why you have your unique issue in the first place, in no uncertain terms

  • Why others you admire don’t have this issue

  • Why so many methods that you've tried to feel better, don't last

  • That what you've been doing, may be making things worse

  • Conversely, if you haven’t done anything yet to resolve it, what the hold back is

  • What is that part of you with a foot on the brake, regarding change?

  • What you do, deep down, that leads to arguments with others

  • Action steps to turn negativity around (hint: it’s not about replacing it with positivity)

  • A deep understanding of why you are the way you are, and act the way you act

  • A deep understanding of who you really are, and what you really want

  • Practical steps to resolve your issue for good

  • Once that occurs, steps to ensure you stay that way, and don’t fall back into old patterns

A deep wisdom lies within you, that’s jumping up and down trying to get your attention.

Kristen helps you access it.

  • “Afterwards, I noticed that I felt lighter. In the days that followed, I noticed that my light feeling became clarity of mind. As the days went, the clarity didn’t go away (as I feared it would) and I began to notice that my emotions were more translucent and rose and fell, rather than overcoming me or creating a suffocating fog. I kept thinking it would wear off, but it hasn’t."

    - Olaf Kowalik

  • “My fear disappeared about three months ago. I have been public speaking without panic attacks and have experienced ease and spontaneous interaction with people I would have been intimidated by in the past. Also no constant free-floating anxiety in the background all the time. A great relief after 40 years of struggle. So, thank you.”

    - Mike Ginn

  • "The experience was outstanding. None of us will ever be the same."

    - Allen L Piper

  • "I wanted to thank you for changing my life. I don’t think I realized how much of an impact (your work) had on me until recently and it’s been a year since I attended. I knew it had an impact right after, but as time has gone on, there have been more and more lessons that pop up into my head that I never initially considered. I love that!"

    - Amy Epp

  • "Thank you hughly for all that you gave to us and everybody in that camp. It was just absolutely amazing. It’s not only a once in a lifetime experience but just from a teaching perspective some of the things you did were just really astonishing."

    - George Hart

  • "I am on this amazing turbo charged growth path – I am blooming faster and faster, at a wonderfully rapidly unfolding pace- there are truly no words to describe this. (Working with you) is one of the three BIGGEST events in my life that have helped me really turn a HUGE corner. I am deeply grateful!! Thank YOU!"

    - Martha Hamilton

  • "The whole experience was life-changing. I feel that something switched for me and I was shown a new way to see the world and myself.”

    - Alyson Dutch

  • “I could not have made it through such an intense transitional year without your teachings. I do not believe the words thank you are powerful enough.”

    - Cynthia Aherne

  • "If I can make that kind of change in one weekend, what else can I do? I feel like someone took my training wheels off."

    - Olaf Kowalik

Session Breakdown

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

Working with Kristen is an elite opportunity. It’s also her favorite thing to do; go on a private journey together to get to the heart of what’s going on in your life. But, as she gets busier, know it won’t always be an option. So take advantage of this now, while still available. You get:

  • A specific, targeted experience, honing in on an issue that harms your well being

  • A clear explanation for why this issue exists

  • Clarity about what gets in your way to resolving it, and what to do about such holdbacks

  • Practical action steps just for you, to finally resolve this issue once and for all

  • Once that happens, steps to ensure you don't revert back into old patterns

  • You can email her additional questions afterwards, and stay connected


Session 1

You and Kristen first spend about 10-15 minutes getting to know each other. She has asked you in advance what’s going on via email, so this is mostly about clarifying things or adding new information. Then, you get right to work.

Using her game called Shift, she facilitates you, helping you locate your primary stuck place. Kristen doesn’t offer advice. She only takes you on a fascinating journey, helping you see things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see without her guidance, then helps you access your own advice.

By the end of this first session you are crystal clear about what’s the core cause of your emotional issue. You are very surprised and excited about this insight, as it’s likely different than what you previously assumed. You also have a generalized sense of what needs to happen next, to break free.

Session 2

After several days break —during which you can email Kristen questions (a perk that is maintained throughout the month)– what you learned in the first session has had a chance to integrate.

Given this, you and Kristen first spend about 15 minutes discussing that integration, and what you’ve learned about yourself so far. Based on that conversation, she next helps you go further down the appropriate rabbit hole. You see and temporarily unstick other places that have been holding you back, one by one.

Toward the end of this session, armed with even deeper, fascinating insights, together you and Kristen come up with a targeted, few-minutes-a-day practice that becomes your homework until the next session.

Session 3

First comes a check in about your homework; how’s it going? Then, prepare to have your world rocked. The most powerful of the four sessions, Kristen shows you what gets in your way –addressing any habitual patterns that prevent you from moving beyond your problem and aligning yourself at a new level.

Here’s where real shift occurs. After this session is finished, armed with newer homework, you’re on course to never be the same again.

Session 4

By now, you should be feeling very free, clear, and in flow with your emotions and thus with your life.

In this session, if that either is or is not the case, here’s where you explore final questions, address lingering stuck places, and tweak your practice to be even more targeted, to address whatever remains.

You finish knowing exactly how to continue this new path of freedom. You leave confident that from here on, you know what to do without her help. She remains however, always at the ready to answer questions, if something new comes up.

Note: If you choose to do all the sessions in person in one day, nothing is lost. You have breaks in between each session, including two hours off for lunch, which allows for sufficient integration time. You’re also welcome to a follow-up call afterwards to supplement the email exchanges, as a complimentary offering.

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Kristen has helped tens of thousands of clients' easefully and permanently turn their emotional issues around...

Now It's Your Turn

Options and Prices:

Option 1: Over the phone: One 90+ minute session per week for four weeks, including personalized email exchange follow up care for the entire month. $6000

Option 2: In person where Kristen lives in Salt Lake City (spring, summer and fall) or Baja, Mexico (winter): 6-7 hours either in one full day or a series of 4 sessions over several days, including personalized email follow up care for one month; $6000

Option 3: In-person, Kristen comes to you, 6-7 hours in one day plus one month personalized email follow up care; $9000 plus expenses, in the USA, Canada or Mexico. If she has to travel further, priced upon request.

Note: For the in-person sessions, if you want to add an additional day to go deeper into this process, or desire to have Kristen work with another friend or family member the next day, this can be discussed.

Note on Prices: If the price ‘scares’ you (pun intended), note that Kristen offers a total of 6 reduced price one-on-one scholarship per year, for options 1 or 2. If this is something you need or desire, fill out the application form here.

To sign up, here’s how it works:

STEP 1 : Click the Add to Cart button, then checkout using our secure checkout page

STEP 2 : You hear from Kristen via email, and make plans with her to connect live

STEP 3 : At the chosen time, you and Kristen begin your amazing adventure together

Buy Now!

Private Sessions with Kristen Ulmer

Further options:

  • Athletes: your full in-person day can be held outdoors, while skiing, hiking, biking, golfing, etc.
  • Couples: yes, she offers couples or family facilitation. Depending on what’s on your plate, and depending on how many people, you might want to allow for extra facilitation hours. This can be discussed on an individual basis.
  • Further Work: Yes, Kristen offers ongoing private sessions after your trouble-shooting month is complete. Her next-level specialties for ongoing work include; addressing a second emotional issue, flow states by choice not by chance, igniting physical intelligence, spiritual intelligence or intuition, peak performance in business, mindset sports brilliance, moving through transitions faster, embracing change, learning how to be a bad ass from a bad ass, and more. You can buy individual sessions or ongoing an 3, 6 or 12 month package for a reduction in price. But you must start with a one-month program first, to access these other options.

Note: At check out, do purchase the following bonus support information as a bundle, resulting in a deep discount of only $49 for it all. This content is very helpful in saving time while working with Kristen, as she refers quite often to this information:

Step by Step: Do’s and Don’ts of Anxiety – $29
100 Questions to Being in Flow – $29
Change Your Language Guide – $15
ABCs of Feeling Emotions – $99
One Month Art of Fear Accountability Emails – $50
List of Payoffs for Keeping Your Problem Around – $15
Flight List, How to Know if You’re Resisting Emotions – $15

To support you on your journey, a total of $243 worth of content is included for an additional $49. It appears during check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

One month? To resolve a long ingrained emotional problem? Sounds too good to be true.

Sure does. So do a lot of things that are revolutionary and new. But why don’t you find out for yourself?

You see very quickly why no extra time is needed. And know right away whether the time is right for you to do this, or not. If the time is right, it works. We’ve never seen it not work.

Is Kristen going to make me re-live past emotional trauma?

No. It’s unnecessary to re-live or re-visit any incidents or emotions that occurred in the past. These sessions are a fascinating, yet easeful dialogue, addressing your current relationships with your emotions, only as they exist today.

I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. Why shouldn't I assume this won’t be the same dead end?

In the words of Einstein; “No problem can be solved by using the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

If what you’ve done so far hasn’t worked, likely you’ve been using the form of consciousness to fix the problem (often, your analytical mind), that created the problem in the first place.

This work instead, helps you see things from a completely new lens, where the solution is unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.

Plus, once it all gets broken down, it’s so shockingly clear what the problem has been for you and what to do instead, you’re surprised you never thought of it before!

What if it doesn’t work?

If you’re willing to be facilitated using Kristen’s game called SHIFT, and you’re truly ready to make a change in your life, this works. Check out her testimonials.

If you’re not willing to be facilitated, and you’re not ready, it won’t work. In which case you gain that important insight, then get your remaining pro-rated balance refunded.

Why should I work with her versus talk with a therapist?

Besides the fact you spend a lot less time and money, three reasons:

Kristen is a big fan of talk therapy, but alas, she has found it won’t help with emotional issues. It keeps you in your head dealing with them intellectually. Instead, emotional issues need to be dealt with, emotionally.

Second, most therapists learned their craft in college. Or they’re repeating the same info. that has been recirculating (and not working very well) for decades, that they learned from others.

Instead, Kristen learned by immersing herself and becoming the best on the world at something emotionally difficult for 12 years, then breaking down that success into her unique concepts. Ones that she has successfully applied now with tens of thousands of clients, addressing emotional issues only.

This makes her methods very fresh, revolutionary, and based entirely on experience. Which explains why they work so well.

Third, what she teaches isn’t available in college curriculum. Therapists don’t know about it yet. It’s only available here.

I can’t afford these sessions. Does she offer scholarships?

Yes. Kristen wants to make this work available to everyone. She offers many courses that are less expensive than private session, and she offers partial scholarships for her live, group events (but not ski camps). See the Live Events Section for such options.

But if private sessions are your fantasy, feel free to inquire about a scholarship, lowering the price of your month to $2500 and we’ll see what we can do.

Someone else is going to pay for my sessions on my behalf, is that ok?

Not entirely. Kristen won’t work with anyone who isn’t personally invested in this work, on some level. Which means, you must contribute something toward your sessions (either money or work-trade for your supporter).

This is so she knows you mean business. After all, if it really matters, it’s reasonable to assume you find a way to make a contribution.

Does she take insurance?

Sorry, no. Kristen is not a doctor or a therapist, so she does not take insurance.

Does Kristen work with children?

Typically, no. But she considers working with children over the age of 13 if they contribute something toward paying for their sessions (i.e. lawn mowing, baby sitting). If they’re willing to do this, write and tell us about your child, and we start the discussion to see if this work is a good match for him or her.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You know after your first session if Kristen can help you or not. It’s very clear, because you either play the game of SHIFT or not, and she starts you right away with homework. If you won’t play the game, and/or don’t do the homework, you’re not ready and she can’t help you.

Given this, if you both determine this won’t work, you can request a pro-rated refund of the balance of your remaining sessions, at any time of cancellation.