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Not in flow with your emotions? These 100 questions will not only end that problem, but help you access healthy emotional aliveness

When negative emotions take over, nothing else matters. Your mind loops relentlessly. You feel crummy. It’s just so hard to get through the day.

Or, you numb out instead, and start to feel dead inside. Either way, one thing’s clear, you simply need to get out of this emotional prison, before you can start living again.

But how do you do that? What action should you take?

Start by asking yourself great questions, that’s what. They lead to awareness about the exact nature of your stuck place. After all, you can’t get out of prison if you don’t even know what kind of prison, you’re in.

They also become the steps, one by one, getting you out of that often unconscious and devastating war with your emotional undercurrent, to instead a healthy and alive flow with it. So you you can feel alive and make magic happen again in your precious life.

These 100 questions are a fun, fascinating, and sublime way to make that happen. There simply is no need to stay stuck or in emotional pain, with these available.

Use them today, or have them ready to go whenever you feel crummy again. Either way, please don’t waste another precious moment of your life feeling emotionally bad, ever again, when these remarkable questions exist.

"If you're in flow with your emotions you're in flow with your life. So let's make sure that happens."

- Kristen Ulmer

Why The Questions Will Work

Here's What You'll Learn

  • In a nonthreatening way, these highly curated questions get you in touch with what you’ve been fighting, repressing, ignoring or avoiding, maybe for decades
  • They help you see clearly what your relationship is (that’s usually under your radar) with fear, anger, sadness, joy, and even your sexuality
  • They show you in what ways you’re emotionally stuck, regarding any or all of these
  • They break you free from stuck places that are harming your health, relationships and aliveness
  • They offer profound ah-ha moments that lead you, with each new question, into a state of flow with all of them, in a natural and healthy way
  • They teach you how to stay in flow with them, without the frustration of trying to change, overcome, control or rationalize away anything
  • You also learn how to flow with your future, ever-changing emotional undercurrent
  • You learn how to express any emotion that shows up in a mature way, such that it’s not embarrassing, disruptive, or comes across as a sign of weakness

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Kristen has helped tens of thousands of clients be in flow with their emotions...

Now it’s your turn

Take advantage of Kristen’s 30+ years of experience boiled down to 100 of the most important and fascinating questions you’ll ever ask yourself. Spend some time with them whenever you want to wake up to what you’re feeling, clear your head, and feel moved by what you feel in an honest, healthy way.

With these, you’ll calm down fear without trying to override or ignore it. Tap into the wisdom of your sadness or anger rather than try to push down or control it. Connect with joy or your sexuality and have it be authentically recognized and available to you, without having to pretend anything. All this and more will become available to you, whenever you spend time with these questions.

Also turn these questions into a beautiful practice you have with your partner, children or colleagues, to enhance a deeper understanding of each other, leading to greater connection.

Here’s how it works:

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STEP 4 : Use these questions to get unstuck and on flow whenever you’re ready

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100 Questions To Being In Flow With Your Emotions

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