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100 Questions To Being In Flow With Your Emotions


Not in flow with your emotions? These 100 questions will not only end that problem but help you access healthy emotional aliveness.

Take advantage of Kristen’s 30+ years of experience boiled down to 100 of the most important and fascinating questions you will ever ask yourself. Spend some time with them whenever you want to wake up to what you’re feeling, clear your head, and feel moved by what you feel in an honest, healthy way.


Not in flow with your emotions? These 100 questions will not only end that problem but help you access healthy emotional aliveness.

When negative emotions take over, nothing else matters. Your mind loops relentlessly. You feel crummy. It’s just so hard to get through the day. Or, you numb out instead, and start to feel dead inside. Either way, you simply need to get out of this prison before you can start living again.

But how do you do that? What action should you even take?

Start by asking yourself the right questions, that’s what. They lead to awareness about the exact nature of your stuck place. After all, you can’t get out of prison if you don’t even know what kind of prison, you’re in.

They also become the steps, one by one, getting you into a healthy flow with your emotional undercurrent, rather than ongoing resistance to it.

These 100 questions are a fun, fascinating, and sublime way to make that happen. There simply is no need to stay stuck or in pain, with these available. Use them today, or have them ready to go whenever you feel crummy again. Either way, please don’t waste another precious moment of your life feeling emotionally bad, ever again, when these remarkable questions exist.

They’ll stop you from resisting the flow, and instead help you merge with the flow.

Awareness is power. If you remain unaware of what’s going on in your emotional undercurrent, you remain blind and a victim to that stuck place forever. You remain powerless to change anything.

If you become instead, aware of what’s going on, and exactly what your stuck place is, that sets you immediately free from that stuck place. Like for example, if you’ve been clinging to one way of thinking, it’s becomes like clinging to a riverbank. Water flows all around you but you struggle in your clinging, and in your resistance. To suddenly see this, is profound. The questions then lead you into great awareness, to then make other choices that effect your emotional flow today, and also in the future, so as to not get stuck the same way again.

And, you’ll do this –not by hiring me for thousands of dollars but instead in the privacy on your own– so you can always find your way back to flow, again and again.

It only comes from knowing exactly what to ask though. And with list, you’ll finally have that at your fingertips.

Who are these Questions For?

For you, if any one of the following applies:

• You feel numb.
• Or, you feel emotionally repressed.
• Or, you feel overly emotional, more than your life situation warrants.
• You struggle with depression, anxiety issues or insomnia.
• Therapy isn’t working well enough, or you don’t want to do it.
• You’re stuck in a cycle of doing the same thing over and over to feel better, expecting different results that never seem to come.
• You want an explanation of why you feel so emotionally stuck or off.
• Positive thinking, breathing exercises, letting go of a negative emotion etc. only offer a temporary fix, and you want something more lasting.
• Other methods seem excessive or complicated, you want something simpler.
• You’re tired of feeling this way, and want to try something new.
• You don’t want to resort to medication, and feel there must be another way.
• You’ve reached your limit of feeling bad, and are finally, truly ready to take a look into why.
• You want to do this privately.

Here is what you’ll Learn

In a nonthreatening way, these highly curated questions will get you in touch with what you’ve been fighting, repressing, ignoring or avoiding, maybe for decades.
They’ll help you see clearly what your relationship is (that’s usually under your radar) with fear, anger, sadness, joy, and even your sexuality.
They’ll show you in what way you’re emotionally stuck, regarding any or all of these.
They’ll break you free such stuck places that are harming your health, relationships and aliveness.
You’ll have profound ah-ha moments that will lead you, with each new question, to a state of flow with all of them, in a natural and healthy way
You’ll learn how to stay in flow with them, without the frustration of trying to change, overcome, control or rationalize away anything.
You’ll also learn how to flow with your future ever-changing emotional undercurrent.
You’ll learn how to express any emotion that shows up in a mature way, such that it’s not embarrassing, disruptive, or comes across as a sign of weakness.