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100 Questions To Being In Flow With Your Emotions


Not in flow with your emotions? These 100 questions will not only end that problem but help you access healthy emotional aliveness.

Take advantage of Kristen’s 30+ years of experience boiled down to 100 of the most important and fascinating questions you will ever ask yourself. Spend some time with them whenever you want to wake up to what you’re feeling, clear your head, and feel moved by what you feel in an honest, healthy way.


100 Questions To Being In Flow With Your Emotions

Feeling emotionally stuck?

When negative feelings outweigh the positive, it’s so consuming that anything else doesn’t matter. You simply need to get out of this prison first, before you can ever start living again.

But how do you do that? What action should you take to get out?

The action I recommend most of all, is to start asking yourself the right questions. They lead to awareness about the exact nature of your stuck place (after all, you can’t get out of prison if you don’t have awareness of what the prison even is!). The right questions can also lead you to freedom.

These 100 questions are a fun, fascinating, and gentle way to access your emotional truth, which lives just beneath the surface of your daily life. If you want to stop feeling bad and start feeling good again, these questions are for you.

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself.”- Kristen Ulmer

These 100 questions Will:

  • In a nonthreatening way, help you get in touch with what you’ve been fighting, ignoring or avoiding, maybe for decades
  • Help you clearly see your relationship with fear, anger, sadness, joy and even your sexuality, and why it may be causing you problems
  • Help you get unstuck from repressive emotional patterns that are harming your health, relationships and aliveness
  • Show you exactly how to access and feel your emotions in an honest way, so that they make you feel good instead of bad
  • Show you exactly how to express them in a mature way such that they’re not embarrassing, disruptive, or come across as a sign of weakness
What to Expect:
Ask yourself these 100 questions, and watch the quality of your life, relationships, self esteem, and happiness dramatically improve.  Also turn this into a beautiful practice you have with your partner, children or colleagues to enhance a deeper understanding of each other, leading to greater connection.