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Discover the tools necessary to make your life extraordinary

We all feel stress, especially if you want to do big things with your life. We also feel fear. Maybe you have anxiety or can’t sleep well? Life can certainly be a struggle sometimes, even all the time.

Personal work is available everywhere, but it’s hard to decide the best path for you. Should you try talk therapy –does that really work for emotional issues? Life coaching seems a bit off the mark. Energy work is nice, but is it enough?

And then, there’s fear and anxiety camp. Welcome to a fascinating adventure that’s been proven to work, helping you access flow states with your thoughts, body, emotions and larger self.

Is this what you’re looking for? The Art of Fear Camp is perfect if any one of these apply: You…

  • feel there’s something off within you, that needs to be addressed
  • want to be done with or avoid the time and expense of ongoing talk therapy
  • have found methods to make you feel better for a moment, but want something more lasting
  • are ready to finally address the core reason for your sleep issues
  • desire to address seemingly ingrained emotional issues, such as irrational fear, anxiety, PTSD, anger, etc.
  • need to make a major life decision, but just can’t find your answer
  • want to stop being so hard on yourself
  • want to act more freely and with confidence
  • are looking for new forms of motivation
  • want to get along better with the people in your life
  • want to feel emotionally great, more often
  • have tried everything, and are skeptical there’s anything left, that can help

"What holds us back may seem like one thing, perhaps; fear. But if you dig a bit, you often find it's another thing entirely, such as; an unwillingness to feel fear. Insight like this starts the journey to finally resolving that hold back."

- Kristen Ulmer

Why This Camp Works

    It used to be said that Knowledge is Power. But in today’s evolving world, what’s more accurate? Awareness is Power.

    When it comes to being stuck in patterns that don’t work for you anymore, often you don’t know where to look for answers.

    Your clever mind is the obvious first choice, so you get to mulling over the details of what could be wrong. But here’s a quote from Einstein that explains why this effort can fall short:
    “No problem can be solved by using the same consciousness that created it, you must learn to see the world anew.”

    This quote explains why Kristen’s facilitation style at this camp works so well. She doesn’t engage your intellect through talk or other kinds of therapy.

    Instead, using a proven facilitated process that Ken Wilbur calls “the most important and original discovery in the last two centuries” and “an unbelievably simple, quick and effective tool for waking up,” she helps you view any emotional problem, from an entirely new lens. One that allows you to see things clearly in ways you otherwise wouldn’t have access to on your own.

    Once that clarity is achieved, then the solution becomes obvious. Kristen will offer you a clear, concise method to access and stay in emotional flow after the weekend is complete. One that targets, addresses and resolves even your most deeply ingrained stuck places very quickly. Even ones that have been passed down in your family or have been a part of your life since childhood.

    This new norm, will change everything for you. In the words of one camper: “This ain’t no band aid, this is the real deal.” -Melanie Tanks

    It’s also a fascinating, creative, and playful adventure; which is why we call it camp!

Here's what you'll Learn

A deep wisdom lies within you, that’s jumping up and down trying to get your attention. Kristen helps you access it.

Who you are on the surface of your awareness, is influenced by your undercurrent. It’s the same with the ocean; the mood on the surface is determined by what’s happening in the depths beneath.

Your undercurrent is usually not available to you in a conscious way, though. But with this camp, all that changes. You’re about to go on one of the greatest journeys of your life, bringing your normally elusive, unconscious patterns to the surface as a way to understand why you’ve become the person you are today. And, you may be surprised to learn, you’re not as complicated as you think. While problems and personality quirks can seem complicated, what’s going on that creates them and a way to alter that current should you desire, can often be very simple.

Here’s how the camp works; you and Kristen engage in a fascinating dialog together, made even more so experienced alongside a group of other clever guests. You gleam as much awareness and insight from their inclusion, as you do from your own.

By engaging in this dialog, some of the things you learn (depending on why you attend) are:

  • Exactly where you’re currently stuck (it’s not the great mystery you think it is)
  • An explanation of why past trauma keeps recirculating for you, or for your loved ones
  • Why anxiety shows up the unique way it does, in your life
  • What you’ve been doing to make it worse, that you’re likely not aware of
  • How to use such awareness and insight, to transform your life
  • How to get out of the relentless loop of mere symptom control to instead, resolve emotional issues
  • How to get out of your head, using methods you’ve never tried before
  • How to get into your body, which is such a relief
  • What it takes to access flow states by choice, versus by chance
  • How to learn life lessons faster, instead of getting bogged down for years
  • How to make clear, on-point decisions
  • How to make life transitions faster and with less drama

Camp Itinerary

This camp is intended to be the highlight of your fall, and the highlight of your life.

    What to Expect

    During this weekend camp, you experience twelve hours of live, interactive facilitation within a small group. Kristen (not staff) personally helps you see exactly what holds you back and offers you clear, practical solutions on what to do instead.

    The content is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, and you feel highly engaged throughout the weekend.

    Daily Schedule, Saturday and Sunday:

    10am – 1pm: Morning session, includes bathroom break
    1pm – 3pm: Lunch on your own
    3pm – 6pm. Afternoon Session, includes bathroom break

    Camp price: to make it available to all, it’s only 89.000 ISK, or 79.000 ISK Early Bird Pricing until Aug 31, 2019


    The location of the event is Harpa Conference Centre, in Reykjavík, Iceland (Harpa.is)

    If coming from abroad, fly to Keflavik airport.

    There are plenty of choices for lodging, and we do not recommend any one place. Yes, consider getting a rental car, although uber or public transportation are also great options.

    Morning Session: 10am – 1pm. Includes mid-session bathroom break:

    You’ll have submitted reasons for attending and what you hope to get out of the camp in advance. Thus, after a brief intro and meet and greet, we dive right in. By the end of the morning, you have a clear understanding of what your relationship is with your own mind, and also with fear. It’s likely quite different than what you imagined. Prepare to be stunned by the depth of your learning, how it applies to your life, and immediately addresses your reason for attending.

    Lunch Break: 1pm – 3pm on your own

    Afternoon Session: 3pm – 6pm. Includes mid-session bathroom break:

    What we explore next, is based on your requests. This session is very targeted toward resolving exactly what you and others came to resolve. By the end of this first day, you’re crystal clear on any stuck places, and what needs to happen in order for you to get unstuck.

    Morning Session: 10am – 1pm. Includes mid-session bathroom break:

    Armed with new awareness, we spend time in this public place to learn and implement Kristen’s four-step Art of Fear Method in real life scenarios.

    This is a comfortable experience and you’re not asked to do anything besides walk and interact with Kristen and the others. We also explore how to use your new practice, to enhance your life, career, relationships or performance.

    Lunch Break: 1pm – 3pm on your own

    Afternoon Session: 3pm – 6pm. Includes mid-session bathroom break:

    One of the most powerful facilitated practices Kristen offers, first we go on a mindset journey that gives you an understanding of all it means to be a human being. This explains and changes so much. Then, we clean up loose ends and answer remaining questions that you have. The final goal being, you end the weekend armed with a clear, concise path for implementing all that you learned, so it’s sustainable and lasting beyond the weekend.

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Kristen has helped tens of thousands of clients finally, ease-fully and permanently break free from emotional hold-backs, and become who they were meant to be.

Now it’s your turn

This camp is the culmination of 33 years of real-world experience, boiled down to the best thing Kristen offers; live facilitation within a small group.

It provides for you such a rich re-boot and education on how to fully embrace and take full advantage of your human experience, that you never experience yourself, other people, or the world the same way again.

If it doesn’t offer you all this and more, you get your money back.

Here’s how to sign up:

STEP 1 : Click the Add to Cart button, then checkout using our secure checkout page

STEP 2 : Solidify any plans needed to be in Reykjavík, and ready for this experience of a lifetime

STEP 3 : You’ll be sent further logistic details about 1-2 weeks prior to the camp. Then, see you soon!

Here’s everything you get when you enroll:

  • 12 hours of live facilitation with Kristen
  • Small group to ensure personal attention
  • A non-threatening experience that feels safe
  • Being around like-minded folks, who are clever and inspiring
  • Insights and take-ways that will forever effect your life
  • A 600.000 ISK experience, for a low price of only 79.000 ISK

Buy Now

The Art of Fear Camp

Early Bird Pricing, Only Available Until August 31


$710 $630


    Sure does. So do a lot of things that are revolutionary and new. But why don’t you find out for yourself? It’s only $597 (priced low so everyone can afford it), and you get your money back if the camp proves to be anything less than it promises.

    Stuck places all have one thing in common. They come from resistance (which appears in many forms) to either a ‘negative’ emotion or an aspect of your mind that’s trying to get your attention. That resistance leads to it’s persistence. Do the opposite though, and give that part of you some attention, that stuck place resolves.

    To help you do this, Kristen takes you and the group on an adventure together, first without an agenda –only to see what we find. What’s on the table for you, the others, and the dynamic of the group must first be determined.

    After that, based on experience, Kristen knows where to look next, to best support us all. We explore our undercurrent together, stopping at relevant locations, but in this you have a highly personal experience. What you get out of each moment is unique, only to you.

    This is how Kristen helps a room of folks with different agendas, all at the same time.

    The other thing is, this camp is not about hashing over your or anyone’s past life details –which is very time consuming and unnecessary. With that out of the picture, we cover a lot of ground quickly, and only address what’s going on for you, today.

    This camp will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s a bottom-up camp that addresses the root cause of stuck places, versus offering more top-down band-aids.

    The take-aways are also likely the opposite of anything you’ve tried.

    But rest assured, if it doesn’t blow your mind and change your perspective for good, what the heck- come find out anyway. With the money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

    YES. Check out her testimonials. Plus, once you get up to speed on her four-step Art of Fear Method, you’ll be blown away by how effective that is, alone, never mind the rest.

    Yes, we want to make this camp available to everyone. If you can’t afford it, simply write us an email and tell us what’s going on, what you can afford, and we’ll offer you a partial or full scholarship.

    Children ages 15 and up are welcome to attend, but only if they pay for some of the camp themselves (even if they only contribute $5 toward their tuition). This way it’s clear they want to be there, for their own reasons.

    If your friend or family member struggles with an emotional issue, yes absolutely.

    You feel comfortable doing this together, as there is no cross talk. Everyone stays in their own lane, and has a personal experience that can be as private or as shared (maybe during the breaks) as you’d like.

    If you can’t make it after all, you get a full refund one month prior to the camp. After that no refund, but you can send a friend in your place.

    If you aren’t happy for any reason, let Kristen or her team know and we give you your money back. If you’re even the least bit worried, let us put your mind at ease; either you get the answers and results you want or you get your money back. It’s that simple.

    After attending the camp in full, if the experience doesn’t offer you real solutions that take root and start to transform your life right away (and also continue to transform your life), write to give us feedback within 5 weeks for a full refund. After the 5 weeks, there is no refund.