The Art of Fear, Finally Free From: Chronic Anxiety
June 5, 2017
Private Session With Kristen Ulmer
6 Hours of Private Sessions with Kristen – Out of State
August 7, 2017

6 Hours of Private Sessions with Kristen


Private sessions with Kristen over the phone or in person.


In four, 90 minute sessions (6 hours total) expect by the end of these adventures to be free from a problem in your life, that you wanted to address.

Once you sign up, you and Kristen will schedule your 1st session either in person or over the phone (Skype is an option if live out of the USA) whenever your schedules align. The next 3 sessions should optimally occur all within 2 weeks from the first session, allowing at least a few days in between so each new level of understanding can have a chance to settle and be integrated.

This 6 hours investment in yourself is one of the best things you can do to get unstuck. And, the feeling lasts. You will also leave armed with tools on how to stay unstuck, making this investment one of the most important of your life. Please see the testimonials to hear what others have to say about working with Kristen in this way.