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If you have anxiety or other emotional issues, it’s the worse feeling in the world. Maybe you wonder; not everyone struggles like this, does that mean there’s something off in my undercurrent? If so, what is it?

Likely you’ve talked to therapists or friends about it, and have tried many methods to feel better. They work, sort of, but the second you stop your efforts, the anxiety or other emotional issue only comes back.

This leaves you feeling frustrated, stuck in a loop doing the same thing over and over yet never getting different results. And now, you want to explore other options.

If this rings true, welcome to the Ask Kristen Support Calls. These are a series of 4, interactive, live phone calls with anxiety expert Kristen Ulmer, over the course of one month.

These anonymous, non-threatening, and highly effective small-group calls are perfect for you, if any one of the following applies. You:

  • haven’t worked with Kristen before, but would like to
  • have read her book, and want to take The Art of Fear to the next level
  • haven’t read her book, but feel emotionally off and are searching for new answers and solutions
  • feel like you haven’t achieved your potential, or that life is passing you by
  • struggle with recirculating anxiety
  • struggle with self-esteem
  • struggle with depression, PTS(D), panic attacks, fear or anger issues
  • have trouble sleeping
  • are tired of only managing your emotional issue
  • want answers explaining why you struggle, when others don’t
  • want to feel permanently better
  • want to get out of your head
  • have career goals and want to pursue them without holdbacks
  • are finally ready to address performance or other anxiety
  • want to be more confident, without having to pretend
  • are ready to take charge of this
  • are truly ready to find and live your authentic life

If even one of these strike you, know that emotional issues don’t resolve on their own. You must take action, or you can only expect the same emotional future for yourself. The action you take however, is very important, so you don’t inadvertently make it even worse.

Trying to conquer or overcome an emotion like fear/anxiety, requires a tremendous amount of effort. Which is why I don't teach that. So much easier, is to make friends with it. I show you the way.

- Kristen Ulmer

Why These Calls Work

    Start with a commitment to address your emotional undercurrent, the rest will follow

    Emotional issues form, when you haven’t properly learned how to deal with your emotions.

    It works like this: There are parts of you that have been trying to get your attention, maybe for decades. These include but aren’t limited to emotions like fear, anger or sadness. If you maintain an ongoing fight with them, resist or resent them in any way, it puts you at war with them, and thus at war with yourself.

    Keep it up, over time that war causes a wide variety of growing emotional issues.

    Do the opposite though, which is turn toward these emotions and have an eye opening ‘conversation’ with them, and the solution begins.

    But, how do you even make that happen?

    In these calls, Kristen shows you exactly how to do that in an easeful way. It’s the opposite of how you normally deal with emotions, but that’s why it works so well when other things you’ve tried haven’t.

    Eventually, you’ll even learn how to make friends with them, which quickly becomes the more obvious and faster key to freedom.

    What You’ll Learn

    No lectures. No one-size-fits-all, pre-planned advice. This is an intimate, co-creative adventure that offers you a not only a physically embodied experience that’s far more powerful than a heady one. But also, a personalized experience, offering definitive answers specific to your issue that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to on your own.

    You’re also given a personalized take-away plan, targeted toward helping you achieve exact goals.

    This is not the same old advice you’ve heard everywhere too. Expect fresh ideas and insights that you wish you’d learned sooner, that would have saved you years of emotional hassle.

What to Expect

Once a week, for one month, you engage in a live, small-group phone calls with Kristen. During which you can:

  • Either be a quiet observer or an active participant
  • Submit questions or requests in advance
  • Be facilitated by her one-on-one
  • Witness others also being facilitated one-on-one by Kristen
  • Ask Kristen clarifying questions, or bring up whatever else you desire, during the call
  • Do so anonymously, while in the privacy of your own home
  • Listen to any missed calls afterwards, or review them again and again

Call Breakdown

Your Call Support Adventure Begins Now

    Here are details for your month of support

    Before they begin, you’re asked to submit your reasons for signing up in advance and any requests, so Kristen knows how to steer the month to come. This is a confidential submission. No subject is off limits.

    Then, once a week for 90 minutes, you get on each live (audio only) call with Kristen and several other guests, until the month is complete. First names only are used.

    During each call, you either choose to be facilitated by her one-on-one, or you witness other guests being facilitated. You also have the chance to ask clarifying questions about what you’re experiencing and learning along the way.

    The calls are capped at a small number, so you’re be sure to have a personal experience. You also are provided with worksheets and other handouts to help you go all the way with this incredible opportunity.

    You must sign up for the whole series of four calls. And no worries, if you miss any of them live, they are recorded and easily replayed.

    Kristen starts by briefly outlining what’s on our plate for the month, based on pre-submitted requests. Prepare to be intrigued by others requests. You may find them to even be more relevant to your life, than your own.

    Then, we begin. Kristen gives an intro speech, then asks for volunteers to be facilitated. You choose to either sit in the ‘hot seat’ to work with her one-on-one, or merely witness her interactive process, engaging in your own private way.

    By the end of this first call, you have clear answers about why your emotions act out the way they do. This gives you tremendous hope for this process, and excitement about your future. Because this is a facilitated process, your take-away is unique only to you. No two people have the same experience.

    Now, we go further down the rabbit hole and really start to target specific issues. Choose again to be in the hot seat or not, and expect to be blown away by the depth of what you learn about yourself, and about the nature of the human experience.

    You leave armed with some homework: a practice to do anytime you feel ‘off,’ that’s the key to feeling better. Note: it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried, and so powerful you wish you’d learned out it decades ago. You can see the immediate effects of why this will work, and are excited to try it out on your own.

    This week, after checking in to see how your homework is going, Kristen takes you on a targeted journey, helping you understand exactly why you are who you are, and act the way you act. Certain to be one of the most fascinating and powerful experiences of your life, after this call, nothing will ever be the same. You know this to be true.

    Our final call we explore remaining questions and lingering topics, and really hone in on your (and other’s) personal plan moving forward, so what you learned this month forever affects the trajectory of your life.

    You leave feeling like you have a clear and detailed map for the rest of your life. You also feel more free than you ever have, and know exactly how to stay that way.

    Note: you won’t be left on your own from here. Once you become a client of Kristen’s, if anything changes she or her team are available to answer questions via email, as an ongoing follow-up service.

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$249 Includes all four interactive phone calls live with Kristen– 90 minutes each. Next call package are Tuesdays, October 1, 8, 15, and 22nd, 2019.  6:00 MST (5:00 PST, 6:00 MST, 8:00 EST).

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1 : Click the Add to Cart button, then checkout using our secure checkout page
STEP 2 : You receive an email asking you to submit your requests for the calls; what’s going on in your life
STEP 3 : You next receive an email with call-in details
STEP 4 : We begin this amazing adventure together. Note: the calls are recorded, allowing you to review or re-review at any time

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Ask Kristen Support Phone Calls

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    These calls are actually for people like you, who have tried everything else with limited results.

    They’re different because they’re not lectures or a heady experience, which don’t work to resolve emotional issues. Instead, they offer a bottom-up approach that emotionally addresses and resolves the root cause of your stuck places. The take-aways are also likely the opposite of anything you’ve tried. Given this, don’t assume anything until you experience them. We’re confident you’re going to be very surprised.

    YES. Check out her testimonials. Plus, most of her work is done with clients over the phone, so this is a great medium to experience this work. You’ll also find them to be very enrolling, keeping you engaged each week.

    Three reasons:

    Price. These calls are the most affordable way to work with Kristen live.

    Convenience: These are the most convenient option, saving travel time and effort.

    Anonymity: Not everyone feels ok to be in a roomful of people, while working on emotional issues.

    That being said, if you know yourself; live events are more your thing and you have the time and money, do consider working with her in-person, instead. Options are Fear Camp in summer, or Ski Camp in winter.



    Not for the calls. These are the least expensive way to work with Kristen live, and by paying for them yourself and in full, you show your commitment to addressing your emotions.

    That being said, partial scholarships are made available for her live, in-person events. Note though; even with a scholarship they’re still more expensive than these calls, due to travel and other costs.

    Children ages 15 are welcome, but only if they pay for some of the tuition themselves (even if they only contribute $5). This way it’s be clear they want to be there, for their own reasons.

    Keep in mind, the calls are available for review after they occur. You don’t need to attend them live (although being in the hot seat is pretty amazing). Regardless, if you decide they’re not for you after all, a full refund is given one month prior to the start date. After that no refund, but you can sell your tuition to another individual, and have them attend in your place

    While these are designed to be non-threatening, spontaneous and fun, we do understand your concern. Know however, you can be a wallflower, and still get a ton out of them. Others questions, explorations and take-aways prove fascinating and relevant to everyone’s life.

    That being said, if you want to engage but know yourself to be too shy, consider private work with Kristen instead. It’s expensive, but if you think you’d benefit more, consider going that route.

    No. Because we cannot monitor attendance or get a complete sense of how enrolled you are, there is no money back guarantee with these calls. While this is unusual for us, we hope this policy will weed out those who would otherwise take a spot away from another person, who is more committed.