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This is the #1 most important step I recommend, to turn any fear or anxiety problem around.

When I work with clients looking to solve any emotional problem, right away I’m on the lookout for what they say about Fear. The reason being, however they speak about this core emotion, is how they speak about themselves.

If they say things like ‘I hate fear,’ because fear is such a huge part of our makeup, it’s akin to saying ‘I hate myself.’  If they say ‘I ignore fear,’ it’s akin to saying ‘I ignore what’s going on in my life.’ Such words reveal exactly what we’re dealing with, and I base what happens next on such language.

And, far too often, here’s what I see; imagine you have a lifelong roommate (fear) and you talk about him in a controlling, dismissive or derogatory way. You say things like; ‘he’s not even real, he holds me back, he needs to be conquered,’ and more. Can you see that roommate has no recourse but to fight and project back, in an equally aggressive way?

Keep it up, over time you and fear only become engaged in a mutually escalating war. Fear becomes more clever, showing up in ever growing, weird or disjointed ways. All this happens because of how to view and subsequently talk about fear. Until you stop such language, your emotional issues will only get worse.

“The best thing you can do to feel better, is change your language about fear. Everything that you want, will follow.”—

- The Art of Fear

Why This Works

Here’s what you'll Learn

This is an actual dictionary, with specific and words and sentences you’ll use to replace how you normally speak about fear. It’s extremely thorough, and covers hundreds of scenarios.

Without this dictionary, because of existing norms you’ll only blindly come back to dismissive language again and again, which leads to irrational fear, looping anxiety, eventual depression and more. With it, these problems will soon become a thing of the past.


You’ll learn:

  • If you have a fear or anxiety problem, exactly what caused it
  • Why such problems are rampant in our society, based on old, outdated standards on how we’ve been taught to view and speak about fear
  • How to end your war with fear, forever
  • How to stop negative self-talk
  • How to speak about your fear / anxiety so you no longer feel embarrassed about it, or compelled to hide it
  • How to talk to others who struggle with fear or anxiety, in the proper way
  • What to say to someone who’s blaming their emotions on you
  • What to say to someone who’s shaming you for feeling fear
  • How to be vulnerable and have it feel non-threatening
  • How to be honest and authentic regarding what you feel, to yourself and others
  • What to say to your kids about fear, so they don’t grow up to have anxiety or other issues
  • What to say to your kids, so they grow up instead to be courageous, thriving adults

And much more…

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Flight List, How To Know If You’re Resisting Emotions

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Kristen has helped tens of thousands of clients make powerful perspective shifts around fear and anxiety.

Now it’s your turn

If you only take one single action step regarding your fear or anxiety, changing your language should be it. It’s crucial to make this shift, and will lead to the end of irrational fear, lower your anxiety, start the process to turn around depression and more. Which is why, in every course, event or talk, I emphasize changing your language first and foremost.

Unlike anything you’ve ever seen or imaged before, this guide will dramatically change your perspective, change how you talk to yourself, and change how to talk to other people about fear and anxiety.  With it, you’ll be on the cutting edge of desperately needed progress, being the change the world needs to stop the madness of fear, anxiety and other emotional problems that cripple too many of us. Not only is your life about to change, but with this guide you’ll never experience yourself, other people, fear, or anxiety the same way again.

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Flight List, How To Know If You’re Resisting Emotions

Flight List