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Get out of the bad cycle you’re in. Discover how to end your PTS/PTSD, for good.

Do you have trauma-related stress that consumes too much of your life? If yes, likely you’ve tried many approaches to feel better. Some work a bit, others don’t at all. But what’s so frustrating is, they only help you feel better for a moment or a day, and if you stop, the stress comes right back. Plus, you’re not even clear why you have PTSD in the first place, when others who’ve gone through similar trauma don’t.

You worry you’ll never get answers, and you worry you’ll remain stuck in this relentless cycle managing symptoms your whole life.

Well, the great news is, today there are answers, and there is a way out. Times have changed. Perhaps you’re heard about the amazing results coming from MDMA trials? There’s also this course, which is ideal if you won’t want to wait any longer, want to address this privately, or you don’t want to take a strong hallucinogen.

Leading you on a similar journey without the drugs, this course includes fascinating videos, facilitated exercises and exact action steps taking you into, through and permanently out of the other side of your PTSD. Now, this is NOT another course recycling the same methods you’ve already tried. This is a revolutionary guide offering you an experience that you’ve never considered before.

This course is for you, if you experience any of the following:

  • ongoing, upsetting thoughts
  • a desire to avoid people, places or situations
  • mental or emotional hyper-arousal or sensitivity
  • or conversely –an inability to feel anything
  • excessive anxiety
  • difficultly concentrating
  • physical aches and pains
  • numbness or distance from life
  • rigidity or stoniness
  • irrational fear, or conversely –no fear at all
  • excessive anger
  • insomnia
  • nightmares
  • depression associated with any of these

Whatever your struggles, because PTSD shows up different for each of us, know this is not a one-size-fits-all course. It’ll offer you unique, ah ha moments, that are relevant only to you. It’ll help you understand what’s going on that you have PTSD. Then, it’ll lead you on a step by step journey to ending your PTSD and associated suffering, for good.

This happens, or you get your money back.

When you fight Fear, you fight not only yourself, but the very nature of life itself, which leads to inevitable failure.

- Kristen Ulmer

Why It Works

Here is what you'll Learn

  • An explanation of why past trauma keeps recirculating for you
  • Why your stress shows up the specific ways it does, unique only to you
  • What you’ve been doing to make it worse, that you’re not aware of
  • How to get out of the relentless cycle of mere symptom-control
  • How to stop the negative loop in your head, using methods you’ve never tried before
  • How to get into your body, which is such a relief
  • How to feel alive again
  • How to find, feel and express emotions in a healthy way
  • How to become immersed in your life again
  • Exact steps leading to a permanent solution, ending your PTSD and associated suffering for good
  • Once this occurs, further steps to ensure you don’t fall back into old patterns
  • How to deal with future trauma, so you never develop PTSD again
  • How to raise your kids so they’re not prone to PTSD as well

Course Breakdown

Your Freedom from PTSD Adventure Begins Now

Weeks 2-5: Action and Practice – Expect to Gain Immediate Results

During the next four weeks, you’ll incorporate a few targeted exercises and methodologies into your everyday life –ones you’ve never tried before.

A few minutes per day will result in immediate, real changes and results; including better sleep, feeling clear, and a release from what has been holding you hostage, knowing this will last. The exercises that Kristen provides will be so effective, you’ll be amazed that you never thought to do them before. They’re what will resolve your PTSD, once and for all.

Over time as you continue to practice them, they’ll grow to become new norm and source of ongoing growth. Thus, by the end of the month not only will you be free from that burden you carried before, knowing it won’t return, but also on course to handle any future emotional trauma. They’ll be the very practice that helps you stay in flow with life, so you can finally become the person you were meant to be.

Note: there are troubleshooting and multiple bonus videos in the course as well, making sure all is covered. This is a very thorough course, and you will always have what you need (and so much more) at your fingertips.

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Kristen has helped tens of thousands of clients’ easefully and permanently turn their emotional trauma around.

Now it’s your turn

I’ll help you unravel what the actual root problem is, living under your radar.  I’ll offer you a clear, revolutionary solution to your PTSD that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You’ll find this course to be fascinating, engaging, thorough, and something to practice on your own time, in the privacy of your own home, in your own way.

Each video is a step-by-step journey into, through and out the other side of your PTSD. No more will you have to only manage symptoms. Instead this is a solution, intending to end your trauma stress for good.

This course will also change your perspective on just about everything. It provides such a rich re-boot and education on what to do about emotions in general, that you’ll never see yourself, other people, trauma, emotions or the world the same way again.

And if it doesn’t offer you all this and more, you get your money back.

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Freedom From Post Traumatic Stress (Disorder)

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