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Exclusive 3-day Ski to Live Camp weekend, for Alumni only
August 24, 2017
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Heli Ski/Snowboard with Kristen in AK- experts only
August 24, 2017

Ski to Live 3-day most Amazing Ski Weekend of your Life


February 02-04, 2018


Unlike anything you’ve ever imagined before, the best ski weekend of your life awaits you!

Skiing can either be fun or it can be life changing. Why not make it life changing?

Are your ski vacations some variation of maybe fun, frustrating, exciting, and/or relaxing? But here’s a question: are they life changing?

If you’d like to take your vacation to this next level, and want to dramatically accentuate the good stuff you love about skiing and negate the bad, then come experience the only ski camp that will:

  • dramatically improve your skiing though mindset-only training (no technical tips)
  • explore and ignite new motivations you may not realize are ripe within you
  • quiet your monkey mind not just for the weekend, but anytime
  • dramatically calm down any fear and self-doubt
  • learn how to access higher states like flow and the zone anytime you’d like
  • help you take that amazing feeling you have while skiing home with you, and have it permanently affect future ski trips, and the trajectory of your life, work and relationships

If you attend this camp and afterwards feel it didn’t offer you all this and more- we even offer a money back guarantee.

$679, camp price only, for skiers intermediate to pro ability levels, ages 15 and up. This camp starts Friday at 4:30 pm, runs through Sunday at 6:30pm and includes three days of masterfully facilitated adventures that will take your skiing, and your life, to the next level– including three evening sessions and two full days of skiing. Expect to leave totally blown away by what you learned, having had an out-of-the-box, fascinating, life affecting ski experience alongside highly intelligent, like-minded people who will become friends for life.

Kristen Ulmer Amazon Best Selling Author

  • Czar Johnson
    It was so powerful for me. What you’re doing at these camps is truly amazing. That you’re able to bring so many people together from all walks of life and unify them in purpose and connect them on a real level is impressive.
    Czar Johnson
  • Randy Wall, professional ski instructor
    (Ski to Live) was, bar none, head and shoulders above the rest, the most powerful teaching and skiing experience I have had in my 39 years of skiing.
    Randy Wall, professional ski instructor
  • Teresa Ruminski
    My partner and I went to the camp together and it enhanced our understanding of each other as well as our relationship – our love is flowing stronger than ever!
    Teresa Ruminski
  • Karyn Dulaney
    Thanks again for offering me a life altering experience. A day hasn’t gone by since I was in Utah that I don’t think about the camp.
    Karyn Dulaney
  • Kristy Johnsson
    I reflected on my life trajectory while on the trail this summer…I need to say that I think where you’ve taken skiing is ground-breaking and inspiring.”
    Kristy Johnsson
  • Amanda Miller
    The guidance you gave me on the chairlift has changed everything for me. I am really happy with where (my life) is going, and you helped me through (an awkward hold back).
    Amanda Miller
  • Elizabeth Watson
    I’m still awestruck by the weekend.
    Elizabeth Watson
  • Amanda Miller
    I just wanted to say that my experience at your camp has been life changing.
    Amanda Miller
  • Barry Moniak
    (My Friend) tells me that I seem somehow happier than before. And on Wednesday it was the first time skiing since the last camp, and I was amazed. I was all alone … and skiing more gracefully than ever. I was making turns without doing anything I could detect to make them happen.
    Barry Moniak

See FAQ for other commonly asked questions.

For any event that involves interacting with Kristen live, the cancellation policy is full refund two months prior to the start of your event.

After than there is no refund, but you can transfer your seat to another person. Note, if someone does attend in your place, the money back guarantee no longer applies. (The reason why is listed under: I want to sign up a friend or family member.)

Every year zillions of ski lessons occur around the world. You also can’t swing a pole without hitting a “learn to ski better” camp run by a former pro. Most of these gatherings are focused entirely on technical or physical skills. Ditto in other sports.

Ski To Live is not in the same category as these programs. Couldn’t be more different in fact. Apples and Planets.

Ski To Live is not about where to plant your pole, how to finish your turn, etc. This type of instruction has its place for sure- and the guides will provide technical tips to you if you want them, but past a certain point too much form / technique training keeps you stuck and can hold you back from your potential.

Most athletes admit sports are 90% mental (and the other 10% is mental too). Given that, at Ski to Live, Kristen’s draws from her experience as a professional skier (who never had a coach) and what it really takes to become good at the sport, and translates that into an experience you can personally draw from. There are no lectures, your lessons will be embodied experiences as you quickly move into accessing the mental game, and then take a huge step beyond to access, embody and express other forms of consciousness you may not even know exist. It’s a truly transformative experience that also spills over in fascinating ways to your life.