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If you have a hard time feeling just about anything, discover the tools necessary to turn that around.

Learn how to feel your feelings and emotions, they say. But you don’t even know where to start! You’ve gotten into a bad habit or have been a certain way for so long, becoming a touchy-feely person, well, it seems that’s not going to happen.

Regardless, you know however you are is not working for you, or for your loved ones. You know you’re not fully living, nor feeling truly alive. You’re tired of being emotionally frustrated and incapable to accessing what you feel. You’re only getting older and more stuck in your ways, and can’t imagine what ‘figuring this out,’ even looks like.

Don’t go another moment in this mindset though, when this ABC Guide exists. Welcome to your 7-day, step by step guide to help you –especially if you don’t even know where to start– learn how to feel whatever needs your attention. It offers a crawl, then walk, before-you-can-run easeful and fascinating adventure to get you out of any conditioned pattern of emotional repression, and into a more-ready place.

Your life, and your aliveness begins today, but only once you embark on this journey. If you don’t, you’ll only remain stuck forever.

When you fight Fear, you fight not only yourself, but the very nature of life itself, which leads to inevitable failure.

- Kristen Ulmer

Why This Will Work

What Will I Learn?

This is a staggering journey into feeling itself, from the ground up. To start, you learn to be present and feel things externally, merely in the world around you. After a few days you shift to your internal world, and start to notice different emotions and where they live in your body. The surprise being –these emotions, even the ones deemed ‘negative,’ will not feel threatening to you in any way.

Step by step then, by the end of the week, you feel more alive and present than you ever have. You also then become ready to address any emotional stuck places, including anxiety or fear, PTS(D), depression, anger, sadness and more, in an easefull way.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why your mind is so sticky, and what to do about it
  • Why you became emotionally stuck in the first place, it’s different than what you think
  • The payoff for having been emotionally stuck, which is hard to give up
  • How to give up that payoff, allowing for a better future payoff
  • How to get out of your mind and into your body, where emotions live
  • How emotions speak, once you know how to listen
  • Where and how emotional trauma gets stored in your body, and what to do about it
  • How to listen to your physical aches and pains, in an entirely new way
  • What it takes to be vulnerable, and have it feel non-threatening
  • A new approach to life itself, that will dramatically change your future for the better
  • How to be authentically who you really are, finally and with ease
  • How to not fall back into habitual patterns, once the week is over

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Kristen has helped tens of thousands of clients finally, ease-fully learn how to feel their emotions.

Now it’s your turn

You’re about to embark on one of the most important weeks of your life, where you truly wake up to what you feel in an authentic way. True living, begins the moment you start. Don’t stay stuck for even a moment longer. You can’t do this on your own, it must be learned properly and with guidance. So get on this train now and let Kristen show you the way.

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