The Art of Fear, Finally Free From: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
May 21, 2018
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December 26, 2018

The Art of Fear 2-Day Camp Salt Lake City, Aug 17-18, 2019


Early Bird Price Only Available Until July 22nd, 2019


Take Your Life Off of Pause- Free Yourself from Anxiety

Event Details

We all feel stress, especially if you want to do big things with your life. We also feel fear. Maybe you have anxiety or can’t sleep well? Life can certainly be frustrating and a struggle sometimes, even all the time.

How can you stay on course with your goals, but not have resulting turmoil undermine your happiness and life?

Personal work is available everywhere. Should you try talk therapy? Life coaching sounds a bit hokey. Energy work is nice, but is it enough?

But then, there’s summer camp. Welcome to a fascinating new adventure that’s about accessing and learning to be in flow with your mind, body, emotions and larger self.

  • feel like there’s something off within you, that needs to be addressed
  • want to avoid the time and expense of ongoing talk therapy
  • have found methods to make you feel better for a moment, but want something more lasting
  • are ready to finally address the core reason for your sleep issues
  • desire to address emotional issues such as irrational fear, anxiety, PTSD, or anger
  • want to excel in both personal relationships and career, not having to choose one or the other
  • need to make a major decision in your life, but just can’t land on an answer
  • want to stop being so hard on yourself and instead, develop lasting self esteem
  • want to act more freely and with confidence
  • are looking to reverse burnout or ignite new forms of motivation
  • want to get along better with the people in your life
  • want to feel emotionally great more often

If something on this list strikes you, come enjoy the Art of Fear two-day live Camp this summer, where Kristen will guide you on a remarkable journey helping you get unstuck and in flow with your life.

This is a non-threatening camp. You’ll not have to share anything about your life or reveal personal struggles, nor will you have to do anything that’s scary. It’s also not going to offer the same, tired advice every expert seems to give, geared to help you only feel better for an hour or weekend.

This is instead, a stunning adventure that changes everything for you –not just during the two days but long term. Done alongside amazing, accomplished people who are committed to being the best they can be, the camp will profoundly impact the trajectory of your life or you get your money back.

Here’s what people had to say about working with Kristen:

  • Amy Epp
    I wanted to thank you for changing my life. I don’t think I realized how much of an impact (your work) had on me until recently and it’s been a year since I attended. I knew it had an impact right after, but as time has gone on, there have been more and more lessons that pop up into my head that I never initially considered. I love that!
    Amy Epp
  • Allen L Piper
    The experience was outstanding. None of us will ever be the same.
    Allen L Piper
  • George Heart
    Thank you hughly for all that you gave to us and everybody in that camp. It was just absolutely amazing. It’s not only a once in a lifetime experience but just from a teaching perspective some of the things you did were just really astonishing.
    George Heart
  • Martha Hamilton
    I am on this amazing turbo charged growth path – I am blooming faster and faster, at a wonderfully rapidly unfolding pace- there are truly no words to describe this. (Working with you) is one of the three BIGGEST events in my life that have helped me really turn a HUGE corner. I am deeply grateful!! Thank YOU!
    Martha Hamilton

Why It Works

It used to be said that Knowledge is Power. But in today’s evolving world, what’s more accurate? Awareness is Power

When it comes to being stuck in patterns that don’t work for you anymore, often you don’t know where to look for answers. Your clever mind is the obvious first choice, so you get to mulling over the details of what could be wrong. But here’s a quote from Einstein that explains why this effort can fall short:

“No problem can be solved by using the same consciousness that created it, you must learn to see the world anew.”

Kristen’s facilitation style works, because she doesn’t engage you in think or talk therapy. Instead, she takes you on a remarkable journey to help you view a problem from an entirely new lens. One allowing you to see things clearly, in ways you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see on your own. 

From there, now you can learn how to resolve that problem for good, from the bottom up. No top down approaches here. Those don’t work, as they keep you stuck only managing it every day, never gaining new results. Please don’t stay in the insanity of those efforts a moment longer. Instead, at this camp, you’ll gain practical, targeted and totally out of the box ideas to resolve even your most deeply ingrained stuck places, including a never seen before approach to resolving fear and anxiety that changes everything.

The best part is, this happens in a matter of hours, not decades, which is what Kristen’s known for. Based on her 33 years of real-world experience, including becoming the best in the world at a dangerous sport, making life or death decisions on a daily basis, plus working with tens of thousands of clients, you’ll also receive her proven, fascinating and clear path to stay in flow, that can become your new norm after the camp is complete.

“This ain’t no band aid, this is the real deal.” -Melanie Tanks

Expect this to be a creative, playful and fun experience too; which is why we call it summer camp.


What You’ll Learn

A deep wisdom lies within you, that’s jumping up and down trying to get your attention

Who you are on the surface of your awareness, is guided by your undercurrent. It’s the same with the ocean; the mood on the surface is influenced by what’s happening in the depths beneath.

Your undercurrent is usually not available to you in a conscious way, but with this camp, all that changes. You’re about to go on one of the greatest journeys of your life, bringing your normally elusive, unconscious patterns to the surface as a way to understand why you’ve become the person you are today. And, you may be surprised to learn, you’re not as complicated as you think. While problems can seem complicated, what’s going on that creates them and the way to make lasting changes, by using the right process, it can often become very simplified.

Here’s how the camp will work; you and Kristen will engage in a fascinating dialog together, made even more so done alongside a group of other clever guests. You’ll gleam as much awareness and insight from their experience, as you will from your own.

By engaging in this dialog, some of the things you’ll learn (which is dependent upon on why you attend) are:

  • Exactly where you’re currently stuck (it’s often not the great mystery you think it is)
  • An explanation of why past trauma keeps recirculating for you
  • Why anxiety shows up for you the ways it does
  • What you’ve been doing to make it worse, that you’re not aware of
  • How to use any awareness and insight about your patterns, to transform your life
  • How to get out of the relentless loop of mere symptom control to instead, address and resolve underlying causes of emotional problems
  • How to get out of your head, using methods you’ve never tried before
  • How to get into your body, which is such a relief
  • What it takes to access flow states by choice, versus by chance
  • How to find, feel and express emotions in a healthy way
  • How to learn life lessons faster, instead of getting bogged down in resistance for years
  • A trick you can use, to make clear decisions
  • Why transitions are so hard, and what to do instead

Event Breakdown

This will be a highlight of your summer, plus a highlight of your life

During this weekend camp, you’ll experience twelve hours of live, interactive facilitation within a small group. Kristen (not staff) will personally help you address exactly what holds you back and offer you clear, practical solutions on what to do instead. The content will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Her unique, revolutionary methods are fresh and practical. Expect to feel highly engaged throughout the weekend.

Daily Schedule, Saturday and Sunday

Morning Session: 10am – 1pm. Includes mid-session bathroom break

Lunch: 1pm – 3pm

Afternoon Session: 3pm – 6pm. Includes mid-session bathroom break

Course price: only $597, $497 Early Bird Pricing Until July 17th, 2019 Note: Take advantage of this rate. Working with Kristen privately for the same number of hours would cost you over $5000!


Fly to Salt Lake. The location of the event is 3474 S 2300 E #12, Salt Lake City, UT 84109 with one exception; on Sunday for the morning session, we’ll meet in Liberty Park at 650 east 1300 south to spend our time there, instead of indoors.

There are plenty of choices for lodging, and we do not recommend any one place. Yes, consider getting a rental car, although Uber/Lyft or public transportation are also great options.

Day 1

Morning: You’ll have submitted reasons for attending and what you hope to get out of the camp in advance. Thus, after a brief intro and meet and greet, we’ll dive right in. By the end of this first session, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your relationship is with your own mind, and also with fear. It’s likely quite different than what you imagine!

Afternoon: What we’ll explore next, is based on your requests. Expect this session to be very targeted toward resolving exactly what you and others came to resolve.

Day 2

Morning: Armed with new awareness, we’ll spend time in this public place (the park) to learn and implement Kristen’s four-step Art of Fear Method. This is a comfortable experience and you’ll not be asked to do anything besides walk and interact with Kristen. We’ll explore flow and how to access it anytime you like, as a way to enhance your performance and life.

Afternoon: First we’ll go on a mindset journey that would otherwise take 30 years of therapy and meditation to attain. This is one of the most powerful facilitated practices Kristen offers, and it explains and changes so much. Then, we’ll clean up loose ends and answer remaining questions that you have. The final goal being, to offer you a clear, concise path for implementing all that you learned during the camp, so it’s sustainable and lasting beyond the weekend.


Buy Now

Kristen has helped tens of thousands of clients get to a place of freedom and flow with their lives

Now it’s your turn

This camp is the culmination of 33 years of real-world experience accessing and expressing flow states, boiled down to the best thing Kristen offers; live facilitation within a small group. It’ll provide for you such a rich re-boot and education on how to fully embrace and take full advantage of your human experience, you’ll never experience yourself, other people, or the world the same way again.

If it doesn’t offer you all this and more, remember; you get your money back.

Here’s how to sign up:

STEP 1 : Click the Add to Cart button, then checkout using our secure checkout page

STEP 2 : Solidify any plans needed to be in Utah, and present for this experience of a lifetime

STEP 3 : You’ll be sent further logistic details about two weeks prior to the camp. And see you soon!

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