How you deal with fear has a huge impact on your sport performance

There are four ways in which athletes deal with fear and anxiety during their performance. Which one are you?

They are rated from worst choice to best:

  1. You try to control, conquer, or overcome fear. Most do this by blocking it out. Upside is: it works! It gets you through a tough moment. Downside is: whatever you try to control, winds up controlling you. Over time that ignored fear builds up in your system, becomes harder and harder to block out, and eventually leads to underperforming, burn out, injury and more. This approach to fear is currently used by over 99% of all athletes, including pros, and even taught by most coaches.
  1. You understand that fear is normal to feel, and best to not resist or control it but rather let it naturally run its course into, through and out of your life. This is a giant step in the right direction. But because you use your logical mind to do this, whenever fear shows up you stay in your head. Not the best state from which to perform.
  1. You deal with emotions emotionally, not intellectually. You have learned to feel fear, rather than think about it. Fear, being the sensation of discomfort in your body compelling you into action, when you feel it, this takes you naturally into your body, where physical intelligence lies. In sports, this is a much better place from which to perform, than your head.
  1. You become intimate with the fear, and its energy provides for you a heightened sense of awareness, focus and presence. Fear is not a hold back at all, but rather the whole point. It motivates you, and is the very thing that makes you so intuitive, instinctual, and fully alive out there in the water, on the mountain, in the court or on the field. Only the best of the best .1%, do this.



Here is a video where I talk about this subject at greater length:

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