Congratulations On Completing
Your Fear and Anxiety Assessment

You are: A Resister

Congratulations On Completing
Your Fear and Anxiety Assessment

You are: A Resister

What That Means

Because you experience high levels of problematic fear or anxiety that negatively affects your daily life and relationships, you are what I call: A Resister.

This means that you work like a dog to get rid of your fear / anxiety, and live by the motto, “I don’t want to feel this.”

To help you understand why this approach leads to emotional issues, watch this video titled: What is the cause of chronic anxiety or irrational fear?

Then keep reading below for more information and insights.

Your Assessment

There are as many different resistance styles as there are people, but in general this means you either run away from, fight, try to control or generally resist feeling ‘negative’ emotions –including but not limited to fear.

In doing so, unfortunately, whatever you resist, persists. Your emotions –no longer in flow like nature intended– instead, get stuck in your system like water trapped in a kinked hose and start to obviously or covertly affect your life in problematic ways.

This happens because we’re taught by society to resist ‘negative’ emotions, which has led to the global anxiety epidemic that we face today, growing worse every year.

When you’re a Resister, some of the issues you may subsequently develop, are the following:

  • You feel either unmotivated, or conversely --highly motivated, but over time you become exhausted or burned out

  • You experience less pleasure over time, with the activities you used to love

  • Stress, physical tension and aches/pains become the norm (or will soon)

  • You get sick or injured easily

  • You become either unwilling to take risks, or still take risks but are overwhelmed by the fear

  • You develop breaking points where you become either pickled in anxiety, explode with anger, or cry a lot

  • Or conversely, you feel numb, checked out or lacking passion

  • You develop control issues; either trying hard to control yourself, control others, control situations, or you simply give up all control

  • As a last ditch effect to gain control, you may resort to marijuana or prescription drugs

  • You become stuck in your head, looping negative and/or fearful thoughts

  • You don’t sleep well because your mind races fearfully at night

  • You're ripe to develop panic attacks, OCD, PTSD or other disorders

  • You may overeat or drink alcohol as a way to not deal with what you're feeling

  • You become depressed

For these and other reasons, it is not a good idea to resist negative emotions.

Tips + Steps You Can Take Now

  • It’s important that you get help to resolve your emotional issue, from someone. There simply is no reason to struggle like this in today’s world, when there exists new information and resources like you’ve found here.

  • It may seem like your only current resources are talk therapy, meditation, breathing exercises, positive practices, yoga, tapping and more, and/or recreational or prescription medication to help you feel better. They all work great in the short term, and you can become reliant upon them to feel better. Other methods such as cognitive behavior therapy, neurofeedback or laser / light therapy might also help you feel better. All are effective in that they can take you from miserable to functional, by quelling the symptoms of excessive fear or anxiety.

  • Unfortunately though, none of these offer an explanation of what’s causing it in the first place, nor address that cause. 

  • Given this, I recommend as your next step, that you become clear about the underlying cause this time, so you can address and resolve it, instead of staying stuck for another moment in the relentless cycle of just managing symptoms.

  • The cause is not the great mystery you may think it is. Watch the video above to find out more, if you haven’t watched it already

  • The cause is your resistance to fear/anxiety, which is any attempt to either avoid, or ignore, fight, let go of, meditate away, intellectualize away (and more) fear.  All of which we’ve been taught to do. (Note: there are as many resistance styles as there are people.)

  • The most common form of resistance I see, shows up as any attempt to use your intellect to understand and control your fear/anxiety.

  • Trying to understand your fear/anxiety keeps you in your head, as a way to distract you from having to feel it. This is called: dealing with your emotions intellectually. Such effort is relentless, time-consuming and ultimately, impossible. Alas, you are not going to be able to figure out fear.  It’s like trying to figure out the universe. 

  • You may try to do this, because you reason that if you can understand it, then you can control it. Yet, trying to control, conquer, or overcome your fear/anxiety, which works in the short term, alas only creates a war between you and fear/anxiety leading to greater problems over time. You do not want to be at war with fear. 

  • Given all this, I recommend you first become clear about your personal pattern regarding how you view or deal with fear/anxiety. Only by seeing this pattern, which is some form of resistance, can you recognized why it’s causing issues.

  • Next, I recommend you learn how to feel your fear/anxiety as it exists in your body –long before it ever enters your mind– and create a new, flowing pattern with it. This allows you to finally deal with your emotions, emotionally. 

  • Learn how to do this (which is a lot less effort than what you’ve been doing), and not only do you get out of your head (relief!) but it turns resistance around thus ending your war with fear. 

  • And, what happens after war ends? Peace. Your fear/anxiety flows naturally again the way nature intended, and calms right down.  

  • As do the other issues, listed above.

No more War. Instead, make Peace

The definition of insanity, is trying the same thing over and over expecting different results.

If you’ve been doing the same thing to feel better for far too long, fighting a war with fear / anxiety and not getting results that last past a moment or a day, stop what you’re doing and get on this revolutionary train toward a more peaceful future.

After 33+ years dissecting this, I wrote a manual called the Step by Step Do’s and Don’ts of Anxiety that is the game changer you’ve been hoping for. It brings you up to speed on the latest insights on fear/anxiety, and it’s only available here. With it, you learn what to do about your fear/anxiety that has never been discussed before, in a way that’s refreshing, next-level and life affecting.

Break free from your personal resistant patterns today by better understanding them. Set in motion exact steps to create new patterns that work to end your irrational fear, excessive anxiety or other emotional issues for good. Get started, and go sane, today.

Course Sample

Take a Look Under the Hood

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How To Accomplish This

To make this crucial transition from resistance to peace, you must learn new and important habits

My Step by Step manual goes into great detail about the 5 things NOT to do about fear/anxiety, and why. And the 5 things TO do about fear/anxiety, and how.

First, it outlines numerous resistance habits that could lead to fear/anxiety issues. Which one are you?

Then, it teaches you a new, few-minutes-a-day practice, that results in extraordinary emotional changes in your life.

The info in this manual is based on my 33+ years of real life experience, becoming the best in the world at a terrifying sport and maintaining that for 12 years, while exploring exactly what works and what doesn’t regarding fear. It challenges existing norms regarding how to deal with anxiety, addressing cultural habits and methods that don’t offer lasting results. Ones that have also, unfortunately, led to the anxiety and emotional epidemics we face today. It gives exact steps on what to do instead to experience, maybe for the first time in your life, healthy emotional flow.

And it works. In the words of but one client:

“This ain’t no band-aid, this is the real deal.” -Melanie Tanks.


So, get started now, and be so glad that you did. If you’ve found coping mechanisms to get you through your days, and have resigned yourself to thinking that’s the best you can do —stop that thinking. This is THE revolution in this field you’ve been hoping for. Offered today only for a deep discount (a reward for taking the quiz), take advantage of this price reduction now. Your new future, a whole lot of ah-ha moments, and a real solution begins, the moment you start reading.

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