End Your Fear And Anxiety Based Problems, In Just A Few Fun And Fascinating Hours

Still doing the same old thing over and over, expecting different results?

If yes, why not go sane this year. Shift your approach to fear and anxiety 180 degrees by working with fear specialist Kristen Ulmer.

She will guide you in a captivating and fast-acting process that will help you– in a matter of hours, get unstuck from unconscious patterns around fear and anxiety that are holding you back.

From moment one, working with Kristen will forever change the course of your life. You will see in clear, simple terms– that your problems are not a great or elusive mystery. That simple realization of what you’re dealing with, combined with a few more hours engaged in an exciting dialog where you further explore your own unique challenges, will set in motion the resolution of your problem either right away or over the next few weeks or months. This is a permanent shift.

Six Ways To Work With Kristen:

At Home Course

Powerful. Fits your busy schedule

Several targeted courses to choose from


One on One

Exclusive: Work privately with Kristen Ulmer
Troubleshoot a problem, and/or ongoing help


From home, work with Kristen live

Small group, once a week, for one month


Keynote or
Private Live Events

Private customized group events

anywhere in the world

Live Events

Worth it. Two day weekend in Salt Lake

Small group. Interactive adventure with Kristen

Ski With Kristen

Weekend Camps

Private Ski Days

-excessive fear
-excessive stress or anxiety
-excessive anger
-excessive need for control
-excessive sadness, or depression
-being in your head too much
-excessive arguing with loved ones
-low self esteem
-feeling numb
-panic attacks
-burn out

See FAQ for other commonly asked questions.

You will:

  1. Get out of the loop of loop of managing your symptoms.
  2. Address the cause of your fear and anxiety related problem .  It’s not the great mystery you think it is!
  3. Stop wasting money on therapy, which has a limited ability to help you.
  4. Gain REAL results, that last.
  5. Discover the easy way, versus the hard way to end your problem — by doing the exact opposite of what you’ve been taught to do.

And it comes with a money back guarantee!

See FAQ for other commonly asked questions.